Plan a Trip to Plan 9 Alehouse


Going to San Diego? Going on a Beercation? Planning on drinking great craft beer and being around better people? Plan on going to Plan 9 Alehouse. This little jewel is tucked in the hills of North County Escondido and hiding in the shadow of Stone Brewing down the street from The Lost Abbey. They carry on the tradition of the great craft beer of San Diego.

The owners of this bar know their beer. For example one of the owners, my friend Chad who manages the front end, worked at Stone Brewing for numerous years before he was approached about opening a new bar in downtown Escondido in North County San Diego county. And thus was educated by the best in the business on how to serve and drink craft beer.

With a modern appeal get ready to have beers slid down their 25+ concrete bar and into your hand. Then, now that you are tulip glass equipped for bouncing your tongue off of multicolored ecstasy, get ready for the best of southern California’s beers. Plan 9 regularly have taps from the best of Stone, The Bruery, Alpine Brewing, and many other classics of our current craft beer renaissance. Then engorge and gorge yourself on their Cali style food. The bourbon Siracha (can you hear the mariachi band?) wings are not to be missed and make you dream of more Californication in your life.

My favorite thing, and yes I’m biased because Chad is a dear friend, is the attitude that the bar has. The locals congregate only to be given nicknames and have their beers poured as they walk in the door while visitors are greeted and shown to their seats by a kindly server.

And did I mention they have Monty Python playing all night in the background?

Visit this place and make it soon and you will get Beer To The People!

But until next time, pour proper my friends…




Stone R&R


Stone R&R

Had the Privilege of sitting down at ChurchKey in Logan Circle of Washington DC this afternoon and dining with the lovely Mrs. Proper Pour. And during this event I imbibed Stone Brewing’s R&R Coconut IPA.

We know the hype. We know the arrogance of Stone. We know their reputation for putting out “in your face beers.” And in fact, we love it. But this beer was different. In the tsunami of IPA’s that the american craft beer culture is under right now its hard to find something that is unique, different, or just more enjoyable than the rest. And you would expect Stone to do that with another “in your face” IPA. But thats the case with R&R. The Coconut comes to you, in a rather hidden and mysterious manner, I wont reveal to you any more but just say that this loud and arrogant brewery has conquered the style yet again but this time by subltly. Its not over the top, its not loud, it is in fact beautiful and subtle. Enjoy this my friends, because it is that good.

Aged Cherry Chocolate Stout


Stone Brewing, in 2011, had a three way, and the child was incredible. Stone usually has three way collaborations which turn out great. This one happened to be between Stone, Troegs from Pennsylvania, the duo of brewers Jason Fields and Kevin Sheppard.

This milk stout enflames the nostrils with the clearest cherry, vanilla, bourbon, and chocolate tones emmanations. The smells drive upwards and into the nose like planets into a black hole. Then, the drink warms up and it gets thicker and better the older it gets.

Taste is a marvelous mixture of all three tastes swirling around like a witches brew letting off plumes of tastes for you to gobble down.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Beg, borrow, and steal to get thi