Sour Beer Vocabulary helper


Or rather a very helpful intro to what sour beer is and why its awesome.

Sour Beer from Samuel Adams!

With the rise of sour beer in america everyone seems to be starting a “sour program” or “barrel program” of some sorts. Samuel Adams, while bordering on the line of macro or micro, is trying to appeal to this demand. And by doing this they, like other brewers, are diving into the old world traditions of Belgian Beer.

When diving into the old world traditions there are lots of mysteries that come with the old world tradtion. For example, what are those large oak tanks that they use to make sour beer? How do you get that vinegary taste? What do words like Kriek, Oud Bruin, and Flanders mean?

Sam Adams in this short and pithy video helps explain this process a lot and also advertises for their new and delicious KMF Grand Cru which is now available around the country at the various spots of their tour. Schedule below.

Stay tuned for a full review, narrative style, and until next time, pour proper my friends.

Tour StopCity

Boston, MA9/8/2014 – 9/14/2014

New York, NY9/22/2014 – 9/28/2014

Denver, CO9/29/2014 – 10/5/2014

Cleveland, OH10/6/2014 – 10/12/2014

Dallas, TX10/13/2014 – 10/19/2014

Philadelphia, PA10/20/2014 – 10/26/2014

Washington DC10/20/2014 – 10/26/2014

Chicago, IL11/3/2014 – 11/9/2014

San Francisco, CA11/10/2014 – 11/16/2014

San Diego, CA11/10/2014 – 11/16/2014

Seattle, WA11/17/2014 – 11/23/201412

Kansas CityTBD

Sour Session 9


At first glance you may think this is some sort of cynics group but nothing could be father from the truth. Rather it is an event that The Church Key in DC holds every year to rejoice in sour beer from all over the world. Somehow this bar has it’s hands deep in the pockets of importers as they had a sixtel of Fou Foune on tap, the rare sour from Europe. And not only did they have that but also a decent smattering of sours from all over america as well. This included #mrsproperpour’s favorite sour, Sour In The Rye by The Bruery.

Not only was there a plethora of sour beer but, for us longing to partake of the experience, a scorecard so you could remember what beers you drank! Its like keeping score at a baseball game (yes, nerdy I know but I love baseball).


All in all there were too many beers to highlight but the Fou Foune was by far the most delicious and exciting that we had. Till next time!

Pour Proper my friends…

Curve Your Life Path for Cuvee Des Jacobins


This now will be the third advent of heaven upon my lips with Cuvee Des Jacobins visiting me. This beer, as for sour beer, is the best on the market. It does not get better than this sour ale. With sweet strawberry and cherry notes this sour ale will grind your stomach into submission and leave you dead on the floor wanting more. Those monks in belgium sure know what they are doing when it comes to great beer. And if I have not already mentioned this, sour ales are the pill to be swallowed for wine drinkers to enter into the craft beer world. Love this beer…beg, borrow, and steal for it!

Until next time, Pour Proper my friends….

Asian Tart Attack

Asian Tart Attack

New Belgium, like we all know and love, puts out some very fun beers. Not the least of which is their Lips of Faith series. They would describe this set of beers as having, “mystery.” So let me reveal why this beer, their Tart Lychee manifests beer glory.

(Warning: Shameless Self Promotion) And now for the explainabrag: I lived in Asia, the home of the fruit called Lychee. They are little red cookie dough sized prickly balls with a clear and white orange type of fruit in the middle. And they are delicious. You see people, because they are very seasonal, walking around airports with suitcases full of them. And they are grown only in the far east.

Now enter me walking into a bar in Montana 5 years later and seeing “Tart Lychee” on a tap handle. I would call the following emotion a panic attack, but there was too much curiosity involved. But when I sipped the beer, it was as if Buddha himself had come down and imparted a slice of Nirvana onto my tongue. It was marvelous. The tart fruit gushing through the canyon of my taste buds causing a curry like flame in my bowels. Yes I will never forget that.

Will you experience Nirvana, yes. Get this beer.

Until next time, pour proper my friends.

My first Tart Lychee

My first Tart Lychee

Sour of the Night!


This beer is like a panther stalking you in the night. From its cover, on the beer ilse, hidden, yet not so hidden among other beers, the purple cover calls to you after a long day a work to explore its mysteries. You accept the challenge and become Dr. Livingstone who explored the hart of darkness. But instead of finding a cordial explorer you find Sour Martin Sheen hiding in his kingdom of darkness. And so it is with this beer. Apocalypse now has nothing on what this sour stout does to your insides. Yes, insides, intestines and all. Grab the antacids, your intestines will hate you after this beer.

So the sour stout drifts viscously down your through after searing your sniffer. Plum bounces down your through covered in a sour glaze. Dark berries seem to really align themselves with this beer because of the dark malt and the sour yeast providing you with an ecstatic experience. And at the end your not sure if you should vomit or sit in awe. The latter is usually preferred.

Thats about enough, now to shrink back into my cave…

Pour proper my friends…