Sour Session 9


At first glance you may think this is some sort of cynics group but nothing could be father from the truth. Rather it is an event that The Church Key in DC holds every year to rejoice in sour beer from all over the world. Somehow this bar has it’s hands deep in the pockets of importers as they had a sixtel of Fou Foune on tap, the rare sour from Europe. And not only did they have that but also a decent smattering of sours from all over america as well. This included #mrsproperpour’s favorite sour, Sour In The Rye by The Bruery.

Not only was there a plethora of sour beer but, for us longing to partake of the experience, a scorecard so you could remember what beers you drank! Its like keeping score at a baseball game (yes, nerdy I know but I love baseball).


All in all there were too many beers to highlight but the Fou Foune was by far the most delicious and exciting that we had. Till next time!

Pour Proper my friends…

Curve Your Life Path for Cuvee Des Jacobins


This now will be the third advent of heaven upon my lips with Cuvee Des Jacobins visiting me. This beer, as for sour beer, is the best on the market. It does not get better than this sour ale. With sweet strawberry and cherry notes this sour ale will grind your stomach into submission and leave you dead on the floor wanting more. Those monks in belgium sure know what they are doing when it comes to great beer. And if I have not already mentioned this, sour ales are the pill to be swallowed for wine drinkers to enter into the craft beer world. Love this beer…beg, borrow, and steal for it!

Until next time, Pour Proper my friends….

5 Reasons To Share Your Beer (Part 2)

Last time we covered the first 3 reasons why sharing your beer is a good idea. Now we move onto the last two. There are many more than just 5, but I thought it was a good place to start.

4. Sometimes, you need to share your beer because there is too much beer and you need to get rid of it. We have all been there, cant finish that 22 of Barley Wine, growler on day 3, or just beer that might get skunked, we have all had too much beer to finish and sharing it helps alleviate this most annoying first world problem.

5. Sharing it can be special. We recently visited some of our best friends in Cincinnati OH. And I had been waiting for this occasion for almost 2 years. But it had only been 1 year since we had seen them last because he was a year behind me at graduate school. 2 years ago I had bought a Stone Cherry Chocolate Stout, all of our favorite beer, and saved it for this momentous occasion. And while sharing this beer we reminisced about days gone by, the days of our time, and the times to come.

Sharing beer opens new experiences and solidifies old ones.

Until next time, pour proper my friends.

5 Reasons To Share Your Beer (Part 1)


What? Share? Share your beer! This is america we don’t share! But hold on, there are a few reasons why this could be practical and make the experience more enjoyable.

  1. Sharing your beer makes friends out of enemies. We all do it. We sit down at the bar, look to our right, and look to our left, then we look at peoples clothes, hairstyles, and wonder to ourselves, “What is wrong with this guy?”(pointing with thumb and looking opposite direction). But then, by slight chance, in the midst of our storm of judgement, we see what’s in his pint glass and gasp internally in much awe as a sweet, golden, copper,hazy, unfiltered, quadruple, dry hopped, white rye, India Pale Ale, bourbon oak aged lager (or something of the such)! And we are forced to engage in a conversation with someone who has such poor style taste in one area but amazing in another. An low and behold, you make a friend.

  2. Sharing your beer makes friends and maybe more at the bar. Similar to the situation above but this time without the horrible offense. I was recently at a bar and a women sat down next to me and ordered a drink. I casually asked her which one? And the conversation ensued. My friend Jon eventually got her number that night while she was on an OK Cupid date with another dude! You can make more than friends when you share your beer!

  3. Sharing your beer gives you something to talk about. End of the day, who wants to talk about work? But when an artisan craft beer folds itself around your palm, the cares of the day drift away like the condensation on the glass. The smooth refreshing dive into a beer after work gives the day its close and the night its open. So whether you are talking to yourself on the couch, the tv, the bartender, or a new friend, there is always something to talk about with a beer in your hand, and not necessarily a craft beer!

Sharing beer opens new experiences and solidifies old ones.

Next time reason 4 and 5!

Until next time, pour proper my friends.