Beer And Cheese, the Ever Lively Couple


Draft Mag is at it again with these awesome articles about beer and cheese. I think beer is hard to pair with cheese but nonetheless this starter article is super helpful. I love to just do what the article says and move forward with cheese and beer. Get out there and have some fun!

Cellaring or Aging Beer


There is lots of talk about cellaring and aging craft beer. I have been doing some research and just wanted to share some resources on this subject as of recent. And now for a few summary remarks. Not all, but a few things I have learned.

1) Store upright.
2) Away from light.
3) Store at 50-55 degrees if you can.
4) Humidity around 50-70%
5) Higher ABV Beers the better. Above 10% if possible.

Now for the links

Until next time, pour proper my friends…

Food Shows, Eddie Huang

So I just recently found out about Eddie Huang and the Fresh Off The Boat controversy. And, Im stoked. This is great. Just another show trying to get down to the grit of any place it comes. Enough with this corporate masking. Lets get down, dirty, and real. Watch Eddie rock it with mad expertise, skillz, and commentary on what it means to be hip and pushing the boundaries of this next generation.

What he says about Hipsters in this particular episode is fascinating. Very telling reproof and vision for the future of where this generation is going.

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Craft Beer and Fricking Lazer Beams

photo 3

Washington DC is a city barraged by politics. And more than that the stress of politics. Who needs a beer after that craziness? Me. But under the belly of the beast lies a warm and friendly culture with some ever so down to earth people. One such place is Right Proper Brewing.


I first heard about Right Proper from my now boss who said, “You should go over there after this interview.” So I did. I went straight over, and straight into their loving arms. And I proceeded to be blown away by their selection of amazing in house beer and cheese (they have more cheese variety than beer. Off the chain right?).

photo 2

The mission at Right Proper is to give the people of DC a place where they can go get a meal and some local beer brewed in DC in the heart of one of DC’s most historic neighborhoods, Shaw. And the best part, which in DC is all too rare, is that the only thing they take seriously is good beer and good food.

photo 4

Also, they have animals attacking the national mall with fricking lazer beams. As if

Right Proper was spawned as the brain child of highly decorated sour home brewer Nathan Zeender. To beer geeks this means he is a four star general of home brewing and you are a private. To non beer geeks this means Nathan is so good at his hobbies that he got a full time job doing them. Mad skillz here people. And it shows in their wild names often influenced by Walden and the constantly rotating beer list that has more going on in it than a circus carney in a Halloween store.

IF you want an ever changing seasonal beer list with a warm greeting and fun local people who love DC, then come on and love Right Proper with me. I’ll be almost every tues…

Until next time, pour proper my friends…

Cheese pic courtesy of the Right Proper Instagram.

Plan a Trip to Plan 9 Alehouse


Going to San Diego? Going on a Beercation? Planning on drinking great craft beer and being around better people? Plan on going to Plan 9 Alehouse. This little jewel is tucked in the hills of North County Escondido and hiding in the shadow of Stone Brewing down the street from The Lost Abbey. They carry on the tradition of the great craft beer of San Diego.

The owners of this bar know their beer. For example one of the owners, my friend Chad who manages the front end, worked at Stone Brewing for numerous years before he was approached about opening a new bar in downtown Escondido in North County San Diego county. And thus was educated by the best in the business on how to serve and drink craft beer.

With a modern appeal get ready to have beers slid down their 25+ concrete bar and into your hand. Then, now that you are tulip glass equipped for bouncing your tongue off of multicolored ecstasy, get ready for the best of southern California’s beers. Plan 9 regularly have taps from the best of Stone, The Bruery, Alpine Brewing, and many other classics of our current craft beer renaissance. Then engorge and gorge yourself on their Cali style food. The bourbon Siracha (can you hear the mariachi band?) wings are not to be missed and make you dream of more Californication in your life.

My favorite thing, and yes I’m biased because Chad is a dear friend, is the attitude that the bar has. The locals congregate only to be given nicknames and have their beers poured as they walk in the door while visitors are greeted and shown to their seats by a kindly server.

And did I mention they have Monty Python playing all night in the background?

Visit this place and make it soon and you will get Beer To The People!

But until next time, pour proper my friends…




Digging into Outer Darkness



When I think of Squatters, until recently, the last think I think of is great craft beer. But true to form Utah beer shines in a corner that no beer has due to their imposed limits by the the government. Long story short, because of the low ABV requirements by the religious theocracy in Utah, Utah brewers have to be deadpan accurate at the their brewing, which creates en environment that breeds great beer like bacteria in a petri dish.

Now back to Squatters Outer Darkness Russian Imperial Stout. This stout, as opposed to dozens of others shines clean and true despite the name (see instagram from a few months ago where we had a bottle share and I passed out on the couch). Most stouts hide their imperfections amongst large ABV’s and barrel aging. However this beer has the most crisp and clean taste of any stout I have had. The sweet coffee and chocolate hints shine like light reflecting from a mirror. As far as the ABV, didn’t even notice it because it was that clean. I want to say like a minerally chardoney it was so perfectly balanced that the slackline walkers of Moab would beg for advice.

Squatters, its no wonder you all have survived for so long in such an oppressive state for alcohol. Its because like Picasso, you shine under oppression and bring forth the best in the midst of statist difficulty.

Until next time friends, pour proper….



The Ever Bustling The Bruery



Kid in a candy shop and sensory overload cannot even begin to describe my senses during my recent visit to The Bruery.

From the freeway exit, if you know what to look for their tower calls you from afar. Illuminating your desires and becoming a lighthouse of your desire. Then to walk in is to become accustomed to Southern California and the crampedness of Orange County, and also to its opulence.

One thing I love about my home state is its diversity. And this trait erupts at The Bruery. Upon entry we see Sons of Anarchy there, bro’s and their girlfriends, old and young, cool and nerd abound in this center of craft beer.



Curve Your Life Path for Cuvee Des Jacobins


This now will be the third advent of heaven upon my lips with Cuvee Des Jacobins visiting me. This beer, as for sour beer, is the best on the market. It does not get better than this sour ale. With sweet strawberry and cherry notes this sour ale will grind your stomach into submission and leave you dead on the floor wanting more. Those monks in belgium sure know what they are doing when it comes to great beer. And if I have not already mentioned this, sour ales are the pill to be swallowed for wine drinkers to enter into the craft beer world. Love this beer…beg, borrow, and steal for it!

Until next time, Pour Proper my friends….

Prohibition Pig- The best bar in America

Enter Vermont. The land of Wendell Berry and Ben and Jerry’s. Yes, also home to a larger number of hippys. Also, Vermont is home to a bar in the town of Waterbury called, The Prohibition Pig. This bar was created in the old space of the Alchemist Brewery after a flood a few years back and has created a reputation of having Vermont’s, ehhhemmm, Americas best beers on tap, smoked meat that makes the Carolina’s salivate, and one of the finest whiskey selections on the market.

One of the unique aspects to this bar is its proximity to two of Americas best breweries: The Alchemist and Hill Farmstead. Both of these breweries are exclusive to Vermont and do not distribute outside of this little area of which The Pig is located in the middle. Hill Farmstead however does send kegs frequently to the Pig and The Alchemist is usually on tap. So if you want the best of Vermont beer and a one stop shop this is the place.

Now the service was decent, but not until we had left the bar did we get real customer service. The bartender was busy talking to her “friends” at the other end of the bar, and hence we experienced some “northern hospitality” (pssst! Thats not a real thing! They only have good hospitality in the South!). But the waiters at our table were more than helpful and even pointed out to us their homemade BBQ sauces and helped deliver to us their excellent food! Hence the waiters saved the day and the date at the Pig.

Overall a wonderful bar that ranks as high as anything else in America. Vermont should be on your radar for Beercations!

Until next time friends, pour proper….



Going Gonzo for Porters!

ImageFlying Dog has some of the best art in craft beer. Period. And Gonzo, their imperial porter is proof of that. And yes, with this beer, its party time.


This beer with its high ABV is like a rush of malt to the brain. The bourbon wizards and vanilla fairies have blessed this blessed this beer with an amazing taste. Not only is their a hint of rum, yes sweet sweet rum, but also hops galore. There is so much taste in this beer your not sure what to do, so buy a six pack and call it good. This river of dark hoppy goodness should flow into your moth like the nectar of the gods, refreshing and reviving you from a hard days work. I cant wait to try the bourbon barrel aged versions. And I am planning on keeping a few and aging them making sure that little porter goblins dont steal them away from my cellar.

Until next time pour proper my friends.