Craft Beer and Fricking Lazer Beams

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Washington DC is a city barraged by politics. And more than that the stress of politics. Who needs a beer after that craziness? Me. But under the belly of the beast lies a warm and friendly culture with some ever so down to earth people. One such place is Right Proper Brewing.


I first heard about Right Proper from my now boss who said, “You should go over there after this interview.” So I did. I went straight over, and straight into their loving arms. And I proceeded to be blown away by their selection of amazing in house beer and cheese (they have more cheese variety than beer. Off the chain right?).

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The mission at Right Proper is to give the people of DC a place where they can go get a meal and some local beer brewed in DC in the heart of one of DC’s most historic neighborhoods, Shaw. And the best part, which in DC is all too rare, is that the only thing they take seriously is good beer and good food.

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Also, they have animals attacking the national mall with fricking lazer beams. As if

Right Proper was spawned as the brain child of highly decorated sour home brewer Nathan Zeender. To beer geeks this means he is a four star general of home brewing and you are a private. To non beer geeks this means Nathan is so good at his hobbies that he got a full time job doing them. Mad skillz here people. And it shows in their wild names often influenced by Walden and the constantly rotating beer list that has more going on in it than a circus carney in a Halloween store.

IF you want an ever changing seasonal beer list with a warm greeting and fun local people who love DC, then come on and love Right Proper with me. I’ll be almost every tues…

Until next time, pour proper my friends…

Cheese pic courtesy of the Right Proper Instagram.

Plan a Trip to Plan 9 Alehouse


Going to San Diego? Going on a Beercation? Planning on drinking great craft beer and being around better people? Plan on going to Plan 9 Alehouse. This little jewel is tucked in the hills of North County Escondido and hiding in the shadow of Stone Brewing down the street from The Lost Abbey. They carry on the tradition of the great craft beer of San Diego.

The owners of this bar know their beer. For example one of the owners, my friend Chad who manages the front end, worked at Stone Brewing for numerous years before he was approached about opening a new bar in downtown Escondido in North County San Diego county. And thus was educated by the best in the business on how to serve and drink craft beer.

With a modern appeal get ready to have beers slid down their 25+ concrete bar and into your hand. Then, now that you are tulip glass equipped for bouncing your tongue off of multicolored ecstasy, get ready for the best of southern California’s beers. Plan 9 regularly have taps from the best of Stone, The Bruery, Alpine Brewing, and many other classics of our current craft beer renaissance. Then engorge and gorge yourself on their Cali style food. The bourbon Siracha (can you hear the mariachi band?) wings are not to be missed and make you dream of more Californication in your life.

My favorite thing, and yes I’m biased because Chad is a dear friend, is the attitude that the bar has. The locals congregate only to be given nicknames and have their beers poured as they walk in the door while visitors are greeted and shown to their seats by a kindly server.

And did I mention they have Monty Python playing all night in the background?

Visit this place and make it soon and you will get Beer To The People!

But until next time, pour proper my friends…




Digging into Outer Darkness



When I think of Squatters, until recently, the last think I think of is great craft beer. But true to form Utah beer shines in a corner that no beer has due to their imposed limits by the the government. Long story short, because of the low ABV requirements by the religious theocracy in Utah, Utah brewers have to be deadpan accurate at the their brewing, which creates en environment that breeds great beer like bacteria in a petri dish.

Now back to Squatters Outer Darkness Russian Imperial Stout. This stout, as opposed to dozens of others shines clean and true despite the name (see instagram from a few months ago where we had a bottle share and I passed out on the couch). Most stouts hide their imperfections amongst large ABV’s and barrel aging. However this beer has the most crisp and clean taste of any stout I have had. The sweet coffee and chocolate hints shine like light reflecting from a mirror. As far as the ABV, didn’t even notice it because it was that clean. I want to say like a minerally chardoney it was so perfectly balanced that the slackline walkers of Moab would beg for advice.

Squatters, its no wonder you all have survived for so long in such an oppressive state for alcohol. Its because like Picasso, you shine under oppression and bring forth the best in the midst of statist difficulty.

Until next time friends, pour proper….



The Ever Bustling The Bruery



Kid in a candy shop and sensory overload cannot even begin to describe my senses during my recent visit to The Bruery.

From the freeway exit, if you know what to look for their tower calls you from afar. Illuminating your desires and becoming a lighthouse of your desire. Then to walk in is to become accustomed to Southern California and the crampedness of Orange County, and also to its opulence.

One thing I love about my home state is its diversity. And this trait erupts at The Bruery. Upon entry we see Sons of Anarchy there, bro’s and their girlfriends, old and young, cool and nerd abound in this center of craft beer.



5 Reasons To Share Your Beer (Part 2)

Last time we covered the first 3 reasons why sharing your beer is a good idea. Now we move onto the last two. There are many more than just 5, but I thought it was a good place to start.

4. Sometimes, you need to share your beer because there is too much beer and you need to get rid of it. We have all been there, cant finish that 22 of Barley Wine, growler on day 3, or just beer that might get skunked, we have all had too much beer to finish and sharing it helps alleviate this most annoying first world problem.

5. Sharing it can be special. We recently visited some of our best friends in Cincinnati OH. And I had been waiting for this occasion for almost 2 years. But it had only been 1 year since we had seen them last because he was a year behind me at graduate school. 2 years ago I had bought a Stone Cherry Chocolate Stout, all of our favorite beer, and saved it for this momentous occasion. And while sharing this beer we reminisced about days gone by, the days of our time, and the times to come.

Sharing beer opens new experiences and solidifies old ones.

Until next time, pour proper my friends.

5 Reasons To Share Your Beer (Part 1)


What? Share? Share your beer! This is america we don’t share! But hold on, there are a few reasons why this could be practical and make the experience more enjoyable.

  1. Sharing your beer makes friends out of enemies. We all do it. We sit down at the bar, look to our right, and look to our left, then we look at peoples clothes, hairstyles, and wonder to ourselves, “What is wrong with this guy?”(pointing with thumb and looking opposite direction). But then, by slight chance, in the midst of our storm of judgement, we see what’s in his pint glass and gasp internally in much awe as a sweet, golden, copper,hazy, unfiltered, quadruple, dry hopped, white rye, India Pale Ale, bourbon oak aged lager (or something of the such)! And we are forced to engage in a conversation with someone who has such poor style taste in one area but amazing in another. An low and behold, you make a friend.

  2. Sharing your beer makes friends and maybe more at the bar. Similar to the situation above but this time without the horrible offense. I was recently at a bar and a women sat down next to me and ordered a drink. I casually asked her which one? And the conversation ensued. My friend Jon eventually got her number that night while she was on an OK Cupid date with another dude! You can make more than friends when you share your beer!

  3. Sharing your beer gives you something to talk about. End of the day, who wants to talk about work? But when an artisan craft beer folds itself around your palm, the cares of the day drift away like the condensation on the glass. The smooth refreshing dive into a beer after work gives the day its close and the night its open. So whether you are talking to yourself on the couch, the tv, the bartender, or a new friend, there is always something to talk about with a beer in your hand, and not necessarily a craft beer!

Sharing beer opens new experiences and solidifies old ones.

Next time reason 4 and 5!

Until next time, pour proper my friends.