Bite a Scotch!

As in taste some good scotch. We are in the midst of a whiskey tasting extravaganza personally here at Proper Pour and wanted to share this awesome scotch chart for all you junkies out there! Slante!

Scotch chart

Chart taken from the homies at

Sweet Sweet Love

Have you ever felt the love of a Labrador retriever? Brown, black or yellow they are always excited, happy, minus the drool. They always want to see you! And even when you don’t know you are down they come over, lay on your feet, brush up against your side and change your day. In a subtle fashion they know how and when to love.

In the same sense Ellie’s Brown Ale displays the same subtleties as a beer. It smoothly and quietly slides into your mouth and gives you it’s love. The nutty goodness eases a bad day into a good afternoon.

Sour Session 9


At first glance you may think this is some sort of cynics group but nothing could be father from the truth. Rather it is an event that The Church Key in DC holds every year to rejoice in sour beer from all over the world. Somehow this bar has it’s hands deep in the pockets of importers as they had a sixtel of Fou Foune on tap, the rare sour from Europe. And not only did they have that but also a decent smattering of sours from all over america as well. This included #mrsproperpour’s favorite sour, Sour In The Rye by The Bruery.

Not only was there a plethora of sour beer but, for us longing to partake of the experience, a scorecard so you could remember what beers you drank! Its like keeping score at a baseball game (yes, nerdy I know but I love baseball).


All in all there were too many beers to highlight but the Fou Foune was by far the most delicious and exciting that we had. Till next time!

Pour Proper my friends…

Plan a Trip to Plan 9 Alehouse


Going to San Diego? Going on a Beercation? Planning on drinking great craft beer and being around better people? Plan on going to Plan 9 Alehouse. This little jewel is tucked in the hills of North County Escondido and hiding in the shadow of Stone Brewing down the street from The Lost Abbey. They carry on the tradition of the great craft beer of San Diego.

The owners of this bar know their beer. For example one of the owners, my friend Chad who manages the front end, worked at Stone Brewing for numerous years before he was approached about opening a new bar in downtown Escondido in North County San Diego county. And thus was educated by the best in the business on how to serve and drink craft beer.

With a modern appeal get ready to have beers slid down their 25+ concrete bar and into your hand. Then, now that you are tulip glass equipped for bouncing your tongue off of multicolored ecstasy, get ready for the best of southern California’s beers. Plan 9 regularly have taps from the best of Stone, The Bruery, Alpine Brewing, and many other classics of our current craft beer renaissance. Then engorge and gorge yourself on their Cali style food. The bourbon Siracha (can you hear the mariachi band?) wings are not to be missed and make you dream of more Californication in your life.

My favorite thing, and yes I’m biased because Chad is a dear friend, is the attitude that the bar has. The locals congregate only to be given nicknames and have their beers poured as they walk in the door while visitors are greeted and shown to their seats by a kindly server.

And did I mention they have Monty Python playing all night in the background?

Visit this place and make it soon and you will get Beer To The People!

But until next time, pour proper my friends…




The Ever Bustling The Bruery



Kid in a candy shop and sensory overload cannot even begin to describe my senses during my recent visit to The Bruery.

From the freeway exit, if you know what to look for their tower calls you from afar. Illuminating your desires and becoming a lighthouse of your desire. Then to walk in is to become accustomed to Southern California and the crampedness of Orange County, and also to its opulence.

One thing I love about my home state is its diversity. And this trait erupts at The Bruery. Upon entry we see Sons of Anarchy there, bro’s and their girlfriends, old and young, cool and nerd abound in this center of craft beer.



Prohibition Pig- The best bar in America

Enter Vermont. The land of Wendell Berry and Ben and Jerry’s. Yes, also home to a larger number of hippys. Also, Vermont is home to a bar in the town of Waterbury called, The Prohibition Pig. This bar was created in the old space of the Alchemist Brewery after a flood a few years back and has created a reputation of having Vermont’s, ehhhemmm, Americas best beers on tap, smoked meat that makes the Carolina’s salivate, and one of the finest whiskey selections on the market.

One of the unique aspects to this bar is its proximity to two of Americas best breweries: The Alchemist and Hill Farmstead. Both of these breweries are exclusive to Vermont and do not distribute outside of this little area of which The Pig is located in the middle. Hill Farmstead however does send kegs frequently to the Pig and The Alchemist is usually on tap. So if you want the best of Vermont beer and a one stop shop this is the place.

Now the service was decent, but not until we had left the bar did we get real customer service. The bartender was busy talking to her “friends” at the other end of the bar, and hence we experienced some “northern hospitality” (pssst! Thats not a real thing! They only have good hospitality in the South!). But the waiters at our table were more than helpful and even pointed out to us their homemade BBQ sauces and helped deliver to us their excellent food! Hence the waiters saved the day and the date at the Pig.

Overall a wonderful bar that ranks as high as anything else in America. Vermont should be on your radar for Beercations!

Until next time friends, pour proper….



Asian Tart Attack

Asian Tart Attack

New Belgium, like we all know and love, puts out some very fun beers. Not the least of which is their Lips of Faith series. They would describe this set of beers as having, “mystery.” So let me reveal why this beer, their Tart Lychee manifests beer glory.

(Warning: Shameless Self Promotion) And now for the explainabrag: I lived in Asia, the home of the fruit called Lychee. They are little red cookie dough sized prickly balls with a clear and white orange type of fruit in the middle. And they are delicious. You see people, because they are very seasonal, walking around airports with suitcases full of them. And they are grown only in the far east.

Now enter me walking into a bar in Montana 5 years later and seeing “Tart Lychee” on a tap handle. I would call the following emotion a panic attack, but there was too much curiosity involved. But when I sipped the beer, it was as if Buddha himself had come down and imparted a slice of Nirvana onto my tongue. It was marvelous. The tart fruit gushing through the canyon of my taste buds causing a curry like flame in my bowels. Yes I will never forget that.

Will you experience Nirvana, yes. Get this beer.

Until next time, pour proper my friends.

My first Tart Lychee

My first Tart Lychee

Going Gonzo for Porters!

ImageFlying Dog has some of the best art in craft beer. Period. And Gonzo, their imperial porter is proof of that. And yes, with this beer, its party time.


This beer with its high ABV is like a rush of malt to the brain. The bourbon wizards and vanilla fairies have blessed this blessed this beer with an amazing taste. Not only is their a hint of rum, yes sweet sweet rum, but also hops galore. There is so much taste in this beer your not sure what to do, so buy a six pack and call it good. This river of dark hoppy goodness should flow into your moth like the nectar of the gods, refreshing and reviving you from a hard days work. I cant wait to try the bourbon barrel aged versions. And I am planning on keeping a few and aging them making sure that little porter goblins dont steal them away from my cellar.

Until next time pour proper my friends.

Old World Black IPA

New World Porter

Imagine yourself on a ship with Jack Sparrow, cargo in the hold, sailing along the savage seas. The precious cargo in the hold, Treasures from the new world. These treasures include the precious hops. And herein lies the intrigue of Avery Brewing Co’s New World Porter. They pile the pun on top of a pun with this beer almost lying to you about the name.

Lets talk about what they mean by New World Porter. The Porter came about during the industrial revolution because taxes on dark barely were lower than other malts. So the Porter became the blue collar old world beer. Now then, what are american beers known for? Hops, Hops, Hops! So put the two together and what do you get? A hoppy porter, by which I mean to say, a Black IPA. A New World Porter is what Avery calls their Black IPA. Punny? Yes. Fun? Yes. Good beer? Absolutely.

I actually thought I was going to be drinking a porter so when the hops of this Black IPA smashed through my nose hairs it caught me off guard and I nearly fell off the boat. This beer takes you on a beer journey to the old world with its dark carmely malts. But the best thing is that it does not leave you there but lifts you up puts you back on the boat and takes you to the New world with its incredible hoppy profile. Try this beer if you can get it and you wont be disappointed, as per usual with Avery.

And while you drink it, watch this video if you can hold it down. Until next time, pour proper my friends…

Fade to Left Hand Brewing


Fade to Black pours like a stout out of the bottle and gives credence to the stout’s with its rich flavor. This beer by Left Hand Brewing is one not to miss.

This beer comes up and out of the glass giving an uppercut to the face of other Black IPA’s. Fade to Black gives Wooky Jack a run for its money, and no doubt a barrel aged version would give stout drinkers a reason to love IPA’s. A creamy head paves the way with a very unique blend of hops and malts. The lower warmer it got, the more hops that came out. Its almost as if the hops burn and then the malts soothe the scars.

This beer will have you liking your lips and wanting more with its blend between a stout and an IPA. A great creation that divides the two styles perfectly.

Until next time, pour proper my friends…