Asian Tart Attack

Asian Tart Attack

New Belgium, like we all know and love, puts out some very fun beers. Not the least of which is their Lips of Faith series. They would describe this set of beers as having, “mystery.” So let me reveal why this beer, their Tart Lychee manifests beer glory.

(Warning: Shameless Self Promotion) And now for the explainabrag: I lived in Asia, the home of the fruit called Lychee. They are little red cookie dough sized prickly balls with a clear and white orange type of fruit in the middle. And they are delicious. You see people, because they are very seasonal, walking around airports with suitcases full of them. And they are grown only in the far east.

Now enter me walking into a bar in Montana 5 years later and seeing “Tart Lychee” on a tap handle. I would call the following emotion a panic attack, but there was too much curiosity involved. But when I sipped the beer, it was as if Buddha himself had come down and imparted a slice of Nirvana onto my tongue. It was marvelous. The tart fruit gushing through the canyon of my taste buds causing a curry like flame in my bowels. Yes I will never forget that.

Will you experience Nirvana, yes. Get this beer.

Until next time, pour proper my friends.

My first Tart Lychee

My first Tart Lychee

Going Gonzo for Porters!

ImageFlying Dog has some of the best art in craft beer. Period. And Gonzo, their imperial porter is proof of that. And yes, with this beer, its party time.


This beer with its high ABV is like a rush of malt to the brain. The bourbon wizards and vanilla fairies have blessed this blessed this beer with an amazing taste. Not only is their a hint of rum, yes sweet sweet rum, but also hops galore. There is so much taste in this beer your not sure what to do, so buy a six pack and call it good. This river of dark hoppy goodness should flow into your moth like the nectar of the gods, refreshing and reviving you from a hard days work. I cant wait to try the bourbon barrel aged versions. And I am planning on keeping a few and aging them making sure that little porter goblins dont steal them away from my cellar.

Until next time pour proper my friends.

Mad Tree Brewing: Happy Amber and Gnarly Brown


Mad Tree Brewing revolutionized brewing in the Cincinnati area by their cans. They were the first brewing company to bring cans to the Queen City. And their so underground they dont even have a functional website. So check their facebook for updates and beer dinners that they are hosting weekly.

We recently had our best friends move to the Queen City and after a few internet searches I realized that Mad Tree was where it was at for brewing in the queen city. And after a few more hours I had also discovered more craft beer than all my friends. And after this interview that stole my heart over at Queen City Fresh with Kenny Mcnutt of Mad Tree I knew where and what I had to drink.

But woefully the only remnants of Mad Tree that I was able to find were one can of Happy Amber and one of Gnarly brown. And the biggest mistake I made was waiting to drink them. For a small out of the way Midwest city the guys at Mad Tree have crossed styles and used classics to create unique beers that are easily becoming my favorites. Now for a quick rundown on the ones I tried:

photo 1(1)

Happy Amber: This beer has the punch of a pale ale with the smoothness of an amber. The copper tones made me salivate like setting a dog before a steak. This beer is something I would buy in the 12 pack.

photo 2(1)

Gnarly Brown: Brown may be an underestimate because this beer poured black, tasted like burnt coffee, and rolled into my mouth with the pretentiousness of an imperial porter. Loved it. They crossed the nuttiness of a brown with the roastiness of a porter and came out with a winner.

Sour of the Night!


This beer is like a panther stalking you in the night. From its cover, on the beer ilse, hidden, yet not so hidden among other beers, the purple cover calls to you after a long day a work to explore its mysteries. You accept the challenge and become Dr. Livingstone who explored the hart of darkness. But instead of finding a cordial explorer you find Sour Martin Sheen hiding in his kingdom of darkness. And so it is with this beer. Apocalypse now has nothing on what this sour stout does to your insides. Yes, insides, intestines and all. Grab the antacids, your intestines will hate you after this beer.

So the sour stout drifts viscously down your through after searing your sniffer. Plum bounces down your through covered in a sour glaze. Dark berries seem to really align themselves with this beer because of the dark malt and the sour yeast providing you with an ecstatic experience. And at the end your not sure if you should vomit or sit in awe. The latter is usually preferred.

Thats about enough, now to shrink back into my cave…

Pour proper my friends…

22oz of Rampage


Its hard thing to cast your sail in the sea of IPA today.  The windy and wild seas of California. To successfully navigate these waters you need a burly profile on your beer. Black Diamond Brewing has done this, and they have done it well. Their Rampage IPA casts its sail and then sings the siren song of an incredible IPA calling her victims to her bosom.

The nose on this beer makes you want to drink it with your sniffer. Its in the same bracket as Heady Topper, America’s #1 IPA. Cant get enough of the smell. Aromas envelop your nostrils and drift you away to hop heaven. This beer deserves the title of California IPA.

Until next time, pour proper my friends.


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Beggars & Thieves: A New World Review of an Old World Beer


Beggars & Thieves by Devils Backbone, The Brewers Art, and DC Brau who joined forces for this Old World redux. This beer was originally brewed for the Brewers Association Craft Brewer’s Conference, March 26-29, 2013, in Washington DC. Now with the stage set, lets dive in this historical beer made for this history making event.

Image Its hard for me to enjoy lagers, I guess I’m still recovering from big beer takeover and domination. But nonetheless I respect lagers for their refreshing perfection.

Light crisp. Very easy to drink. But not very exciting. Perhaps the the perfect easy drinking beer on the river, lake, or on the porch. Sitting there, with this clear, golden yellow drink easing you into the afternoon. Very nice. If you want a beer that is not acidic and celebrates the art of brewing, this is the one.

Germans have been making smooth beer for a long time. And this old world style rye lager, called a Bürger Roggen Pils. So the Americans tried to make an old world beer for America. And Virginia is the old world for America. When trying this beer its important to remember that this beer, as a German style, and brewed for the creme de la creme of the brewing world, is so subtle its easy to miss the low acidity, smooth rye backgrounds, and tantalizing appearance. And thats the point. Like velvet you just marvel at its smothness, not analyze all its intricacies. Image Is it worth a drink? Do you like to be refreshed on a hot day with a cool drink? Then yes. Humidity getting you down? Perhaps you need a little less blood in your alcohol system.