Queen City Jewels Part 3


Madtree. What a name. These guys are serious about beer.

Of all the beers that I tried, all of them were consisten with what I said about Robin Hood earlier. Their beers all stand out, and all hit the mark of classic beer. MadTree stands above all brewers because they just do a great job of making the regular genre’s stick out and warm your soul.


About the time that Cincinnati beer became a hobby of mine Madtree came on the scene. They were the first Cincinnati brewers to can their beer. I got a few of their beers and tried them. And without question these guys know what they are doing. Like Robin Hood they hit the mark when it comes to classic styles, but also like Robin Hood they also defy the status quo. For example Gnarly Brown is a typical brown ale, except for the face that they brewed it like a porter. So in this you get sweet, nutty, caramel goodness with the dark roast of port mixed in. Like great pour over coffee but only with beer.


So with that being said I had longed to go to the brewing and partake of a smattering of their beers. Finally my day had come. I arrived at the industrial complex in west Cincinnati and entered into the lair of Madtree. I could go on and on about this or that beer, but bottom line is that just as Beer Advocate stated that Cincinnati has become an underground beer destination in a previous article, so it should be because MadTree is there. Get there and enjoy it yourself.

Check their facebook for updates, food truck info, and new beers.


Next time we will be revealing the special beer that just “happened” to be in town for Proper Pour.

Until next time, pour proper my friends…

Set Your Sails For Meridian Pint


In an article I recently found at Beer of Tomorrow they talk about the Perfect Beer Bar. And in that article then mention 4 things: how many beers they offer, the beer menu, serving the beer, and the knowledge of the staff. Meridian Pint in Washington DC has all of these and they excel at them. The two times I have been there I have been served well by knowledgeable staff as Meridian Pint does what they do best and celebrate the art of american craft beer.

Its great that in the city of America there is a bar that lives for variety and diversity of american craft beer. This is illustrated by the events that they hosted for DC Beer Week in 2013. They had a sour night, all maine beer night, and many other events that make the mouth water of any craft beer enthusiast.


I happened to show up on the night where they hosted the maine beer night. Oxbow, Allagash, and Maine Beer Co were all in attendance to say the least. After perusing the menu the bartender at the time soon realized that I was a craft beer geek and the conversation eventually spiraled into him deciding what I was going to have next. I left myself in his more than able hands and was pleasantly surprised by the glories of the aforementioned beer companies.


They host a large surplus of over 140 bottles, 24 taps that are changed almost daily, and a knowledgeable staff to help you access what you need to drink and why. Follow their twitter account, go to their informative website, or better yet next time your in DC make sure you wander down to their corner of the world for a pint. Not in DC? Then enjoy this great interview that Hopcast did with Tim Prendergas of Meridian Pint.