Too Many Hops? But this is America!

-PHOTO TAKEN 11NOV02- Belgian 61-year-old master-brewer Jean-Pierre Van Roy adds hops to a brew kett..

A very interesting article critiquing the overuse, or supposed overuse of hops in american beer. What do you all think? Agree? Disagree?

Major in Craft Beer? I think yes!

NPR talks about a new major that is hitting the country by storm, craft beer.

Why Nitro?


Sometimes the simplest questions escape us. For example, why nitrogen in some beers and not in others? How did Left Hand get this reputation for their Milk Stout Nitro?

This quick and concise article by Left Hand Brewing gives a great explanation on why and what of Nitrogen in beer. Heck made me want to drink nitrogen infused beer! Get it!

Beer And Cheese, the Ever Lively Couple


Draft Mag is at it again with these awesome articles about beer and cheese. I think beer is hard to pair with cheese but nonetheless this starter article is super helpful. I love to just do what the article says and move forward with cheese and beer. Get out there and have some fun!

Brewers Association


Just found out about the Brewers Association list of breweries per state. Very interesting for statistics. And for the brewing business as a whole it provides a very helpful global picture. Go check it out and see what your state has to offer for craft beer!

Kim Jordan and New Belgium

Great article about the founder of one of the largest craft breweries in the country.

Are You Looking For A Ranger?

This video is great. Its awesome when companies dont take themselves too seriously.

And the 90s is just rad.

And In The News Craft Brewers Are Fighting Again


And people are getting pissed about craft beer again. Selling out to the man and shit.

Sour Beer Vocabulary helper


Or rather a very helpful intro to what sour beer is and why its awesome.

Gotland Comes From God’s Country

photo (1)

When I think about God’s Country, the city or a city, does not come to mind. Rather the endless flowing hills of Montana, the salt flats of Utah, Colorado’s illustrious flatirons, or the surreptitious trailing of the Snake River in Idaho. The reputation of american the beautiful montages my mind and takes me into a dream.

And when I sip on Gotland from Right Proper Brewing there is nothing about this beer that is not True Grit in the midst of God’s Country. Im spraying about character people, not characters like in the Big Lebowski. Classics that have been tried and true. Im talking old school John Wayne where the hard knock life of a ranch hand bleeds out of those scenes like sap from a maple tree.

And so Gotland, the American Primitive Ale from Right Proper, with its leathery and effortless body also belong to the category of True Grit as the taste reminds you of the beauty of God’s Country.

The austere simplicity of Gotland reminds one of the rocks of Joshua Tree national park, and its character, whittled away by the sands of time only to leave the hardened beauty of a world once lost. Gotland, an american primitive whittled away by Brettanomyces for five months, displays the beauty of the sands of time upon its landscape. Gotland ushers you into this world once lost with its ancient magic. The velvety but strong undertones of smoke and forrest remind one of walking below the evergreens in the west with their towering grace and welcoming stature. Easy to drink like CCR is easy to listen to, Gotland towers above other beers of its kind and quietly wins its way into your heart with the wild blueberry hints and fresh mountain air coldness.

Until next time my friends pour proper…