We All Love Mezcal, For Now….


We all love Mezcal but the question is what is happening with this incredible spirit that has more in common with an apothecary and his magic than a wall street man crunching numbers.

But the times they are a changing with Pernod Ricard’s acquisition of Del Maguey. It could be good, it could be bad. Good things will come, hopefully to the people who are producing these delicious spirits. Bad because they could push the production of rare agave into extinction for their greed, because, Pernod Ricard is after all a large corporation looking to make money and is more concerned with profit margins than quality and little villages.

Here is a great article from www.forbes.com about the acquisition. But maybe the fact that this article is in Forbes proves that our beloved mystical spirit is on its to tequila like imperialism. Good to keep eyes open and alert to keep quality high and sustainability possible.