Closed For Business? How Do They Make Any Money?


The make money by having the best craft beer selection in Charleston SC. With 42 taps and a generous selection of food Closed For Business hails as the best place in town for craft beer in downtown Charleston.

Walking in and the eclectic nature of the bar smacks this California native with a tone of joy and familiarity. However, the eclectic nature does not stray so far that it is unable to be discerned. What you see with the walls jammed full of pictures, The Good The Bad And The Ugly posters, BB King concert posters, and taxadermied pets is a piece of the owners joys and loves. You find yourself thinking, “I wish this was my living room.” And all of this circles around a great craft beer selection.

But the best part, subtle as it is, is the bathroom on the right. Yes, this bathroom hallows the illustrious history of craft beer by paying tribute to the one and only Michael Jackson. Not the pop star the more famous one. Yes, the first beer critic and godfather of craft movement makes a wonderful appearance in this bathroom. To what extent you ask? How do they put him there? You will just have to find out for yourself, but you will only get it if you know your craft beer history.


The taps abound at Closed For Business and so does their selection. With a healthy amount of Charleston breweries on tap such as Coast, Revelry, River Rat, and the illustrious Westbrook, they also feature international beers. There were quite a few belgian Lambics on tap and also a Surley and Lervig from Norway which was by far the highlight of the day.

Should you visit Closed For Business? Only when the are open in the heart and soul of Charleston’s downtown. Enjoy their southern hospitality and great craft beer.

Craft Beer and Fricking Lazer Beams

photo 3

Washington DC is a city barraged by politics. And more than that the stress of politics. Who needs a beer after that craziness? Me. But under the belly of the beast lies a warm and friendly culture with some ever so down to earth people. One such place is Right Proper Brewing.


I first heard about Right Proper from my now boss who said, “You should go over there after this interview.” So I did. I went straight over, and straight into their loving arms. And I proceeded to be blown away by their selection of amazing in house beer and cheese (they have more cheese variety than beer. Off the chain right?).

photo 2

The mission at Right Proper is to give the people of DC a place where they can go get a meal and some local beer brewed in DC in the heart of one of DC’s most historic neighborhoods, Shaw. And the best part, which in DC is all too rare, is that the only thing they take seriously is good beer and good food.

photo 4

Also, they have animals attacking the national mall with fricking lazer beams. As if

Right Proper was spawned as the brain child of highly decorated sour home brewer Nathan Zeender. To beer geeks this means he is a four star general of home brewing and you are a private. To non beer geeks this means Nathan is so good at his hobbies that he got a full time job doing them. Mad skillz here people. And it shows in their wild names often influenced by Walden and the constantly rotating beer list that has more going on in it than a circus carney in a Halloween store.

IF you want an ever changing seasonal beer list with a warm greeting and fun local people who love DC, then come on and love Right Proper with me. I’ll be almost every tues…

Until next time, pour proper my friends…

Cheese pic courtesy of the Right Proper Instagram.

Beer of the Week

One of the venues that I try to partake of is Beer Director for the Neighborhood restaurant group Greg Engert and his Beer of the Week. In this video they weekly go over a new offering in their bar, The Church Key here in Washington DC. They talk about the flavors of the beer and also talk a lot about pairings for the beer. For me, as a lay-beer-nerd, I find this very helpful because experts are telling me what the beer should taste like and what it should pair with. Subscribe and get more beer knowledge every week!

In this week’s episode they talk about the new Sierra Nevada Beer Camp. Beer camp is the biggest collaboration in beer history and is super exciting. Watch the vid below to see what they are doing!

The Funnel of Vermont Beer

image   image_3

For those of you who follow my Instagram, (warning: shameless self promotion), which is my main social media of choice, you know that I get around. Not like a whore, but, well, kinda like a beer whore. On this last trip to Vermont I was invited via Instagram to the bar The Ruck in Troy, NY. Nick, the cicerone there, invited me to come check out the bar and have a beer. And what I though was going to be a casual 1 hr meeting turned into one of the best blind Instagram dates I have had in a long time! We happened to be driving back from Vermont (yes with a trunk full of Heady Topper I waited to long in line for) and decided to stop by. And what I found hidden in this forgotten town was a funnel of amazing beer from the Northeast at its gates.


Driving up to The Ruck it pops up in the middle of a block of apartments and the open doors make it seem like a patio to a ground level apartment. Walking in I was struck by the austere rust belt look from the inside plastered with all my favorite brewery stickers. I asked for Nick at the bar and he then met me where we enjoyed quite a few beers in this college town beer cavern.

Nick is a great guy. Just an all around American lover of craft beer. He lights up when you talk to him about how going full time in the bar rescued him from the grave of his 9-5. And my oh my does he know his stuff. Passing the cicerone certification really bled through the conversation but not so much that it was inappropriate. Rather, his knowledge and experience of his passion and love complemented the conversation into the late hours of the night. And, thankfully, the will be soon doing beer education classes at The Ruck!


Now the Ruck is an old vestige of the Rust Belt for sure. But buried within this old mining company building Nick is hard at work planning Homebrew competitions, organizing taps by genre, and educating the city Troy and beyond about the goodness of craft beer. You can be sure to find a healthy supply of local beer from the Northeast. The likes of which include but are not limited to Long Trail Brewery, Jacks Abbey Brewing, Main Beer Company, Switchback Brewing and many more. They are in fact the only brewery to have Switchback brewing on cask!

So when you drive to the Northeast, get up and get to Troy NY where you can enjoy the treasures of craft beer from Nick at The Ruck. Its well worth your time to stop in and enjoy the splendid variety they have there.

Until next time, pour proper my friends.

Queen City Jewels Part 1


This last weekend Mrs. Proper Pour and I decided to visit some of our best friends that live and reside in the Queen City, Cincinnati that is. On our list of things to do, besides enjoy our friends company, was to hit up as many of the breweries in the area as possible.

One historical fact of note should be that Cincinnati is a drinking town! The German immigrants that founded the city brought their heritage of beer with them when they came to the new world. Moerleins Brewing mainly represents this. On top of this Cincinnati was recently featured in Beer Advocate Magazine for a new and upcoming place to visit for craft beer. And they could not have been more correct. Between Rivertown, Madtree, Rhinegeist, and Ei8ht Ball Brewing this town screams of great beer, better food, and friendly people.


After a quick browse through Findlay Market in the Over the Rhine section of Cincinnati we walked over to Rhinegeist Brewing for a beer or two. Not thinking much of the midwest in general, my mistake, I was not expecting much from Rhinegeist. That was my first mistake on this trip. This brewery, situated in the heart of the old meatpacking district is in the old building originally inhabited by Moerleins Brewing. Walk in and a generous space opens up before you with friend reclaimed wood benches and a small bar hosting all their beers. And they not only host their beers but also those of other craft brewers, a generous and applauded move.


Now to the beer. Rhinegeist quickly and sufficiently supplied our pallates with an array of classic craft beers. The Truth, their IPA, stung sharp and true like a proper west coast IPA. Panther, their porter, was smooth and dark with just enough carbonation. And of a last note Mastadon, the Belgian Dark, was a sweetly caramel awesomeness.

Stay tuned for Mad Tree, Rivertown, and the great surprise!

Until next time, pour proper my friends…

Sour Session 9


At first glance you may think this is some sort of cynics group but nothing could be father from the truth. Rather it is an event that The Church Key in DC holds every year to rejoice in sour beer from all over the world. Somehow this bar has it’s hands deep in the pockets of importers as they had a sixtel of Fou Foune on tap, the rare sour from Europe. And not only did they have that but also a decent smattering of sours from all over america as well. This included #mrsproperpour’s favorite sour, Sour In The Rye by The Bruery.

Not only was there a plethora of sour beer but, for us longing to partake of the experience, a scorecard so you could remember what beers you drank! Its like keeping score at a baseball game (yes, nerdy I know but I love baseball).


All in all there were too many beers to highlight but the Fou Foune was by far the most delicious and exciting that we had. Till next time!

Pour Proper my friends…

Plan a Trip to Plan 9 Alehouse


Going to San Diego? Going on a Beercation? Planning on drinking great craft beer and being around better people? Plan on going to Plan 9 Alehouse. This little jewel is tucked in the hills of North County Escondido and hiding in the shadow of Stone Brewing down the street from The Lost Abbey. They carry on the tradition of the great craft beer of San Diego.

The owners of this bar know their beer. For example one of the owners, my friend Chad who manages the front end, worked at Stone Brewing for numerous years before he was approached about opening a new bar in downtown Escondido in North County San Diego county. And thus was educated by the best in the business on how to serve and drink craft beer.

With a modern appeal get ready to have beers slid down their 25+ concrete bar and into your hand. Then, now that you are tulip glass equipped for bouncing your tongue off of multicolored ecstasy, get ready for the best of southern California’s beers. Plan 9 regularly have taps from the best of Stone, The Bruery, Alpine Brewing, and many other classics of our current craft beer renaissance. Then engorge and gorge yourself on their Cali style food. The bourbon Siracha (can you hear the mariachi band?) wings are not to be missed and make you dream of more Californication in your life.

My favorite thing, and yes I’m biased because Chad is a dear friend, is the attitude that the bar has. The locals congregate only to be given nicknames and have their beers poured as they walk in the door while visitors are greeted and shown to their seats by a kindly server.

And did I mention they have Monty Python playing all night in the background?

Visit this place and make it soon and you will get Beer To The People!

But until next time, pour proper my friends…




Prohibition Pig- The best bar in America

Enter Vermont. The land of Wendell Berry and Ben and Jerry’s. Yes, also home to a larger number of hippys. Also, Vermont is home to a bar in the town of Waterbury called, The Prohibition Pig. This bar was created in the old space of the Alchemist Brewery after a flood a few years back and has created a reputation of having Vermont’s, ehhhemmm, Americas best beers on tap, smoked meat that makes the Carolina’s salivate, and one of the finest whiskey selections on the market.

One of the unique aspects to this bar is its proximity to two of Americas best breweries: The Alchemist and Hill Farmstead. Both of these breweries are exclusive to Vermont and do not distribute outside of this little area of which The Pig is located in the middle. Hill Farmstead however does send kegs frequently to the Pig and The Alchemist is usually on tap. So if you want the best of Vermont beer and a one stop shop this is the place.

Now the service was decent, but not until we had left the bar did we get real customer service. The bartender was busy talking to her “friends” at the other end of the bar, and hence we experienced some “northern hospitality” (pssst! Thats not a real thing! They only have good hospitality in the South!). But the waiters at our table were more than helpful and even pointed out to us their homemade BBQ sauces and helped deliver to us their excellent food! Hence the waiters saved the day and the date at the Pig.

Overall a wonderful bar that ranks as high as anything else in America. Vermont should be on your radar for Beercations!

Until next time friends, pour proper….



Set Your Sails For Meridian Pint


In an article I recently found at Beer of Tomorrow they talk about the Perfect Beer Bar. And in that article then mention 4 things: how many beers they offer, the beer menu, serving the beer, and the knowledge of the staff. Meridian Pint in Washington DC has all of these and they excel at them. The two times I have been there I have been served well by knowledgeable staff as Meridian Pint does what they do best and celebrate the art of american craft beer.

Its great that in the city of America there is a bar that lives for variety and diversity of american craft beer. This is illustrated by the events that they hosted for DC Beer Week in 2013. They had a sour night, all maine beer night, and many other events that make the mouth water of any craft beer enthusiast.


I happened to show up on the night where they hosted the maine beer night. Oxbow, Allagash, and Maine Beer Co were all in attendance to say the least. After perusing the menu the bartender at the time soon realized that I was a craft beer geek and the conversation eventually spiraled into him deciding what I was going to have next. I left myself in his more than able hands and was pleasantly surprised by the glories of the aforementioned beer companies.


They host a large surplus of over 140 bottles, 24 taps that are changed almost daily, and a knowledgeable staff to help you access what you need to drink and why. Follow their twitter account, go to their informative website, or better yet next time your in DC make sure you wander down to their corner of the world for a pint. Not in DC? Then enjoy this great interview that Hopcast did with Tim Prendergas of Meridian Pint.