Great to hear that these beers are making it across the pond! @Regrann from @hopmaestro – Review 420 – Mojo IPA – Boulder Beer Company – India Pale Ale – ABV 7.2% – The Swedish distributor @greatbrands has been active lately with bringing some brewery mix-packs to Sweden, and one of ’em was the @boulderbeerco “Brewer’s Dozen” and we thank them for that. It’s a nice way to get to know a brewery that you normally can’t get your hands on. Keep ’em coming Great Brands, I’ll buy them all. This is my third brew from Boulder Beer Co. and so far it’s 50/50 and this one lands somewhere in between. An American style IPA is always welcome in my house, so let’s see if they have succelsfully worked their mojo into it? Aroma from this darker than usual beer is oranges and pine with a fair dose of flowers. Taste is a little maltier than I expected, and almost creamy. The bitterness kicks in at the end and you also get some sweetness mixed with ripe fruits. A little different IPA I would say, but also good. It’s nice that you come across some variations on this neverending exploration of the beer world. 7.9/10 #boulderbeerco #boulderbeer #mojoipa #indiapaleale #americancraftbeer #drinkitlikeyoumeanit #instabeerofficial #fortheloveofbeer #thebeernation #properpour #hopmaestro #Regrann

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