#Regrann from @hopmaestro – Review 405 – Emergent White IPA – Boulder Beer Company – India Pale Ale – ABV 6.1% – Yep, my second bottle from the “Boulder Brewers Dozen” mixpack. If you remember, I wasn’t overly impressed by their “Hazed” the other day? Enjoyable but nothing special. This one however would turn out pretty good. It’s a White IPA, the new hot stuff after the Black IPA rush and the style has really grew on me, as long as they keep the coriander level down a bit. This one did. Aroma has that faint Belgian yeast character, earthy notes blended with orange and fresh citrus. Taste has some character from witbier, but the emphasis leans toward bitter citrus peels, resin and green leaves. A small hint of herbs in here to. Delightful WIPA and in this just moment, it was great. 7.9/10 #boulderbeer #emergentwhiteipa #emergent #americancraftbeer #drinkitlikeyoumeanit #beergasm #instabeerofficial #beersofinstagram #fortheloveofbeer #beerpics #thebeernation #properpour #hopmaestro

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1F9okAA

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