Winter wonderland! Great pic man! #Repost @hopmaestro
Review 313 – Armageddon IPA – Epic Brewing Co. (NZ) – India Pale Ale – ABV 6.66% – Yep. I remember a beer tasting a couple of years back when I had this one the first time ever. I was floored by the taste of it. I then consumed quite a lot of these bad boys before it was a shortage here in Sweden. Now, when it appeared again on the shelves at my local liquor store I snagged a bottle for old times sake. That one was something wrong with and it had a sharp metallic taste with an almost chemical touch to it. Hmmm, I went back a week later and bought a new one and crossed my fingers that it would be that old Armageddon that I longed for. It almost was… Aroma is very focused towards the hops here, and it has a floral, almost perfumy smell. The taste is oriented towards carambola (star fruit), and a kind of dry and spruce-ish kinda taste. It also reminds me a bit of gooseberries (the green ones). It has a light body and it’s a bit different than all the other IPA’s out there. I don’t remember it being this light and dry, so it makes me wonder if they tweaked the recipe somehow? Anyways, it’s a good IPA, but not as good as I remember it. Maybe it’s the Hop Zombie’s fault? 7.2/10 #epicarmageddon #epicbeer #epicbrewing #armageddonipa #drinklikeakiwi #indiapaleale #beerporn #beergasm #instabeerofficial #instabeer #beersofinstagram #fortheloveofbeer #beerpics #thebeernation #properpour #hopmaestro

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