Closed For Business? How Do They Make Any Money?


The make money by having the best craft beer selection in Charleston SC. With 42 taps and a generous selection of food Closed For Business hails as the best place in town for craft beer in downtown Charleston.

Walking in and the eclectic nature of the bar smacks this California native with a tone of joy and familiarity. However, the eclectic nature does not stray so far that it is unable to be discerned. What you see with the walls jammed full of pictures, The Good The Bad And The Ugly posters, BB King concert posters, and taxadermied pets is a piece of the owners joys and loves. You find yourself thinking, “I wish this was my living room.” And all of this circles around a great craft beer selection.

But the best part, subtle as it is, is the bathroom on the right. Yes, this bathroom hallows the illustrious history of craft beer by paying tribute to the one and only Michael Jackson. Not the pop star the more famous one. Yes, the first beer critic and godfather of craft movement makes a wonderful appearance in this bathroom. To what extent you ask? How do they put him there? You will just have to find out for yourself, but you will only get it if you know your craft beer history.


The taps abound at Closed For Business and so does their selection. With a healthy amount of Charleston breweries on tap such as Coast, Revelry, River Rat, and the illustrious Westbrook, they also feature international beers. There were quite a few belgian Lambics on tap and also a Surley and Lervig from Norway which was by far the highlight of the day.

Should you visit Closed For Business? Only when the are open in the heart and soul of Charleston’s downtown. Enjoy their southern hospitality and great craft beer.


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