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Review 288 – Raging Bitch – Flying Dog Brewery – Belgian IPA – ABV 8.3% – This one I’ve had a bunch of times before, but it’s not available in the regulars here in Sweden. You can have it in pubs though, and there’s where I’ve had all of my previous “Raging Bitches” (Insert wife joke here). But much to my surprise when I entered one of my regular stores, being welcomed by the staff with the usual cheers and greetings -“Hopmaestro!! My man!!” *high five* or -“…’Sup Maestro!!” *brofist* – there it was… On a shelf there was 24 bottles just standing there. Enlightened by a spotlight and angel choir music in the background I approached the shelf and snagged a bunch of bottles. Well, OK, I’m acting like it is the most unique beer in the world, but that’s not the case, it’s more like the feeling when you find a $100 bill on the street. You’ll be really happy for the rest of day and you remember that moment for a while. Anyways, someone had ordered a whole case and not collected it, and the staff in the store just put it out there for us other beer nerds to buy them as single bottles. Sweet! Aroma is a nice blend of Belgian yeast notes and American hop madness, grapefruit rind and some musky undertone that sends promises. The taste is really two-dimensional, easy to drink for a hopaholic, because of the hop profile, first up fresh pine but in the backwater comes the classic Belgian and medium heavy spiciness. This is a really good crossbreed and should appeal to both IPA-freaks and Belgian nerds. Not too flowery and fruity, more earth toned and grassy. 8.9/10 #flyingdog #flyingdogbrewery #ragingbitch #belgianipa #indiapaleale #americancraftbeer #beerporn #beergasm #instabeerofficial #instabeer #beersofinstagram #fortheloveofbeer #beerpics #properpour #thebeernation #hopmaestro

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1wEmWSn

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