Tasting Notes: Stone: Coffee Milk Stout

Alcohol And Aphorisms

Stone Coffee Milk Stout

Stone: Coffee Milk Stout (USA: Sweet Stout: 4.2% ABV)

Visual: Black still body. Moderate coffee froth coloured head.

Nose: Milky coffee and roasted nuts. Lactose.

Body: Bitter cocoa and chocolate. Roasted coffee bitterness. Hazelnut. Slight chalk feel. Lactose. Slight sour dough touch. Heavy roasted character.

Finish: Roasted touch. Bitter coffee. Bitter chocolate. Sour dough touch.

Conclusion: This is a shockingly traditional interpretation of a style for a beer from Stone. Not what you would expect from them at all. Maybe that is the twist. Anyway, traditional is neither good nor bad in itself, here it is only unusual. So let us look deeper.

So, a heavily roasted feel and taste, slight sour dough undertones. While I say it is traditional, it is more a traditional standard stout than a sweet stout. The level of bitterness especially means that it is not as sweet as many of the style, or even…

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