That’s a #properpour brewery style! #Repost from @morganannezamora Hand Brewing is pouring a new tradition! A few weeks ago, the women of Left Hand (myself included!) brewed a batch of Milk Stout Nitro. Here you can see a few of my lovely co-workers and I adding a bucket of hops into the boil kettle. Our plan is to have many unique brews created and brewed by our female employees in the upcoming years. But, for our first celebratory “Women’s Brew” it felt most appropriate to commemorate this new tradition with a batch of our flagship brew. Tonight, the first of our exclusive “Women’s Brew” Milk Stout Nitro kegs were tapped in the Tasting Room. Men and women alike, we would love for you to join us for this special release! Not local? Still join us in a toast. Hold ’em high and toast to all women who brew and enjoy craft beer! Photo Credit: Matthew Jonas/Longmont Times-Call @lefthandbrewing #lefthandbrewing #pouranewtradition #milkstout #milkstoutnitro #womensbrew #womenwhodrinkcraftbeer #craftnotcrap #beergeek #beerstagram #beertasting #craftbeer #craftbeernotcrapbeer #hops #untapped #brewtographer #properpour #craftbeerporn #ilovebeer #photooftheday #drinkcraft #drinklocal

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