Find a Ranger, Find a Guide


Rangers, at least in our national park system, are guides to the beauty’s of nature. In the same sense New Belgiums Ranger IPA is a perfect guide to the beauty of IPA’s.
New Belgium’s Ranger IPA skillfully guides one through the geography of IPA with a true and sure compass. The brewers at New Belgium are master guides to the hallmark of American Craft Beer.
Firstly, instead of tromping straight up a talus field of big bodied IPAs the Ranger takes you on easy switchbacks up the IPA Mountain with you its hop character with only %6.5 ABV. Approachable? I think so. But, don’t let this journey take you by surprise as you will get worn out after two or three because its so drinkable.
An easy hop aroma guides you up to the vista’s of the world of IPA and ranger casually says, “Look at that classic peaks of American IPA of Cascade, Chinook, and Simcoe. Aren’t they beautiful?” And you get forced into saying yes as you sink into this beer’s careful and tender hold.
And then as if yo witness the northern lights the citrus and piney aromas display to your nose a wide variety of flavors and aromas bursting nose and causing one to raise and arm, tip the glass, and let euphoria pour into your mouth.
Ranger serves as a wonderful guide to to the world of IPA. Readily available and an easy win Ranger is the perfect beer to keep in your fridge at home or take to a party!

Until next time, Pour Proper my friends….


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