Tasting Notes: Brewdog: Ticketybrew: Coffee Wit

Alcohol And Aphorisms

Ticketybrew Brewdog Coffee Wit
Brewdog: Ticketybrew: Coffee Wit (England: Wheat Ale: 5.2% ABV)

Visual: Cloudy lemon to apricot. Small white dash but no real head.

Nose: Stewed fruit and coffee. Maybe apricot in the stewed fruit. Light funky yeast. Slightly musky with a touch of sulphur to it.

Body: Mild cold filter coffee. Funky yeast. Lemon sherbet. Carrot and coriander. Apricot. Slightly fizzy and with a chalky touch.

Finish: Malt drinks. Coriander. Bitter and wheaty. Slightly chalky. Slightly soured touch.

Conclusion: I’ve never been quite sold on coffee in wheat beers. Ok, by never I mean I have tried it once, I’m trying to create a back story here. Leave me alone. The use of coffee seemed to contradict and clash with the benefits of a wit beer, and end up stomping over each others elements rather than complimenting them.

This seems a bit of a better example, there is some soft apricot sweetness…

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