Ain’t No Party Like A Keg Party


Kegs on kegs! So this past month I decided to double-down on my favorite hobby and upgrade my whole homebrew system. The four kegs you see at the top are going to be put into my chest freezer (soon to be converted to a keezer) and used to dispense my beer on draft, as opposed to bottles. The two larger kegs you see on the bottom just arrived today and they will be my new mash-lauter tun (MLT) and brew kettle respectively. The one with red markings on it is from Yuengling, so it’s nice to know it’ll be housing better beer than in its previous life.

I’m going to try to brew my first batch with this new set up this week so I can get an idea of what my (in)efficiencies are going to be with the new system. What’s not pictured here are the therometers and ball…

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