Seoul Soondae (서울순대)| Annandale, VA, DC


Porkbelly here. Some friends took me to Seoul Soondae in Annandale Virginia. Annandale in Northern Virginia has a good amount of Korean Restaurants, not K-town levels as in LA, but I would consider it some of the best along the East coast, yes that is NYC/NJ included. Seoul Soondae is a restaurant known for their Korean Blood Sausages.

Tucked away in Seoul Plaza is Seoul Soondae

August 23, 2014-DSC00145

Their logo is a pig…. It’s seen throughout the restaurant

August 23, 2014-DSC00147

August 23, 2014-DSC00148

The decor of the restaurant reminds me of Gom Tang E in Centreville, perhaps they hired the same designer?

August 23, 2014-DSC00149

The Pig logo is everywhere

August 23, 2014-DSC00151

August 23, 2014-DSC00155

It’s a no frills Korean place. The waitresses don’t really speak English that well, but they are friendly and polite. But who cares, it’s all about the food.

August 23, 2014-DSC00157

The usual Panchan of Kimchi, Daikon, Beansprouts everything was on point.
August 23, 2014-DSC00159

August 23, 2014-DSC00160

This is what we came here for, the Soondae, It’s a…

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