Beer of the Week – Oktoberfest


It might be uncool for a beer geek to say but I’m not a fan of Oktoberfest.wpid-img_20141021_071757.jpg

I’ve been to a few beer (and wine) festivals in my time and they were all better than the one time I went to an Oktoberfest event.
The place was just full of drunk, sweaty, red-faced 20-somethings dressed up as ‘‘Germans’’. I put that in inverted commas because it seems no actual Germans see the need to dress up in some shitty $8 costume they bought from the Reject Shop.

I was there covering it for work, so I finished the free beer the organiser gave me and left.

Speaking of beer, I’m not even a fan of most Oktoberfest beers. They all seem to be marzens, which is one of the few styles that I’ve drawn a line through.

But there is one exception. An exception that absolutely the only thing I…

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