6 Beer Tattoos That Prove These People Like Beer

Oh man. That pic could be so many other things…

Confessions of a Nutty Brewnette

#6.  A permanent reminder for potential dates

They can be found on the Beer Repeat Offender list (Photo: Pinterest.com) (Photo: Onestyleideas.com)

#5. A permanent reminder for your current significant other

(Photo: reddit.com) (Photo: reddit.com)

#4. When the turn-up gets too real

(Photo: tattoofunny.com) (Photo: tattoofunny.com)

#3. Just in case you forget…or the bartender forgets…

(Photo: Pinterest.com) (Photo: Pinterest.com)

#2. Not sure if he’s a fan of Coors Light, or he’s demonstrating Coors = piss

(Photo: foodbeast.com) (Photo: foodbeast.com)

#1. Beer and canned pizza? Pizza beer? Yellow jalapenos and beer?

(Photo: awfulink.com) (Photo: awfulink.com)

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