Blacklisted Beers – Day Three



Whether it’s a beer or a partner who hangs around because you’ve got money, it’s not a good thing to be a gold digger.

While I’m no fan of people who hook up for the cash money, I actually like the beer version of the Gold Digger. Now, that will cause a sharp intake of breath from some in the good beer community because, you see, Gold Digger is what is derisively referred to as ‘‘supermarket beer’’.

It’s a beer that is part of a range notionally brewed by Steamrail – which is essentially owned by Coles. The (not really a) brewing company popped up not long after Woolworths created its own (not really a) brewing company called Sail & Anchor.

Some beer geeks hate them both – not because the beer isn’t any good but simply because they don’t like the idea of a big company trying to push…

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