Blacklisted Beers – Day One



In the beer geek world there are beers that are dismissed. Beers that have been saddled with a bad reputation. Beers that you’re supposed to say you hate, because otherwise you’ll lose a whole lot of beer geek cool points. Beers that are bad for no real reason other than they’re in a lot of bottle shops and must be liked by the filthy hordes and therefore are beneath the true beer geek.

These are the blacklisted beers. And, as I don’t give a damn what people think about the beers I like, I’m going to write about them this week.

And I can’t think of a better beer to start off the week that with probably the most maligned Australian beer there is – Fosters.

When someone is nearing a milestone check-in on Untappd, there’s often talk about what beer they should check-in. Usually people will suggest an ‘‘ironic…

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