Wash Away Your Sins

The Beer Gatherer

rejewvinatorThe Metalhead Cousin spent Yom Kippur eve with us this year. We sampled rum and single malts and opened our bottle of He’Brew Rejewvenator, 2014 edition, brewed with Merlot and Concord grapes, from California and New York respectively, in order to celebrate the shift from The Secret Agent’s brother’s home state to my Excellent Little Brother’s home state. ELB is the one who got me the bottle, in one of his visits. Pours pretty – dark brown with a yellowish head, smells of dark fruit, a little cotton candy and a little grape juice rather than wine – for me it’s more Jewish this way, sipping on that kiddy-wine shit when I was a little, before I became all heathen – and tastes sweet, like honey, with roasty notes. For an 8% abv. Rejewvinator has a rather light body and a sweetish, fruity and a little sugary finish. All…

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