Tips for #beerstagraming your #ProperPour, Part 2

Part 2 of Better #beerstagramming for your #ProperPour!

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3. Make it look real with your filters. Had a long conversation about Instagram with my good friend and professional photographer Ryan Day Thompson and he simply told me, “Make it look real”. Don’t try to go overboard with filters, just here a little and there a little. Make it look like it does in real life. Sometimes highlighting a little more, or a little less saturation to ease out of those harsh tones. (insert westbrook dock pic)


4. Center the objects in the picture. Try to use symmetry in your pictures to make things look even. Use the grid on your photo apps to allow for symmetry.


More to come on the next post in a few days…

Dont forget to tag your pics with #properpour!

Until next time… Pour Proper my friends…


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