Night Shift 2015 Barrel Society Memberships On Sale Oct 1

Beer Served Rare

Night Shift LogoIt must be that time of year. Another exclusive beer club is launching this week as Night Shift’s 2015 Barrel Society will open their doors for open enrollment on Wednesday, October 1 at 12pm EST (yes, proxies are allowed). Membership includes 7 barrel-aged beers available in a tiered pricing structure, allowing you to choose from 3 different options:

  • Aficionado (1 bottle of each beer = 7 bottles total); $150 membership
  • Connoisseur (2 bottles of each beer = 14 bottles total); $250 membership
  • Cellarmaster (4 bottles of each beer = 28 bottles total); $450 membership

The beers (all subject to change of course):

  • Double-barrel-aged imperial stout, first in bourbon barrels, then into port/wine barrels for a secondary aging period
  • Belgian-style quad fermented with plum juice and aged in red wine barrels
  • Imperial saison aged in white and red wine barrels with brett added
  • Wheat wine brewed with local wheat and aged in a blend…

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