Tips for #beerstagramming your #ProperPour, Part 1

Tips for #beerstagraming your #properpour

With the epidemic of flashes interrupting meals and beers out on the town nowadays here are a few tips for taking better pictures for your Instagram.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional photographer. I am only sharing some helpful things I have learned from failing at beerstagraming for all those years

1. Focus on the beer, not the background. We tend to think that we can just whip out our phones and snap away only to come home to a bunch of blurry pics. “Oh this beer was great! Let me show you a pic!” “Dude, that’s blurry, I can see the bar, but not the beer.” Take the time, stick your finger on the screen, and end the blurriness. Below the left pic has the background in focus while the right has the glass in focus. Take the time to do it right.


2. Try different angles. For example sometimes its fun to do the upside down pic! Or the landscape pic! Try using mirrors! Get creative! Here is a great example from @craft_what!


More to come on the next post in a few days…

Until next time… Pour Proper my friends…

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