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My summer weekend camping trips always include a visit to a local brewpub…this is the next in my occasional series of posts about camping trips and brewpub visits.

Camping Trip: Part 2 of our Memorial Day 2014 camping trip to Gettysburg Battlefield KOA, just outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (See Part 1 in my prior post).

Brewpub Visit: Appalachian Brewing Company, for lunch on the Sunday before Memorial Day

Appalachian Brewing Company sign

ABC Beer Sampler

Appalachian Brewing Company Sampler

I ordered the eight-beer sampler, which featured:

  • Water Gap Wheat Ale, a refreshing American-style Wheat beer (4.9%)
  • Mountain Lager, a Dortmunder-Export-style Lager (5.3%)
  • Purist Pale Ale, a classic English-style Pale Ale (5.5%)
  • “Jolly Scot” Scottish Ale, rich and flavorful, with a beautiful amber color (5.9%)
  • Hoppy Trails India Pale Ale, a classic English-style IPA (6.2%)
  • Trail Blaze Brown Ale, a deep copper American-style Brown Ale (5.7%)
  • Susquehanna Stout, an an Irish…

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