Growing Our Own Ingredients

Rogue Farms

Drive down Wigrich Road to Rogue Farms this time of year and you’ll always find something new going on.

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Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Day 3: Yonder Bock Tropical Maibock

The Homebody

Three days in and Beer Camp just gets closer and closer. July 20th will be a really important day for me, and not just because I will get to drink more beer than I care to admit. July 20th is the day where I will be around people I have idolized for years, people who inspire me and who I want to learn from. Brewing beer is such an amazing thing and being around 100 other brewers is a real dream come true. I find purpose and passion in beer and Beer Camp will be my first huge thrust into the world of major craft brewers. It feels like the first big step into a new playing field, one I have wanted to be in for years.

Plus… you know… free beer!

Speaking of which our third beer in the Beer Camp Across America pack comes from Sierra Nevada and Cigar…

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Appalachian Brewing Company

Boa Beer Blog

My summer weekend camping trips always include a visit to a local brewpub…this is the next in my occasional series of posts about camping trips and brewpub visits.

Camping Trip: Part 2 of our Memorial Day 2014 camping trip to Gettysburg Battlefield KOA, just outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (See Part 1 in my prior post).

Brewpub Visit: Appalachian Brewing Company, for lunch on the Sunday before Memorial Day

Appalachian Brewing Company sign

ABC Beer Sampler

Appalachian Brewing Company Sampler

I ordered the eight-beer sampler, which featured:

  • Water Gap Wheat Ale, a refreshing American-style Wheat beer (4.9%)
  • Mountain Lager, a Dortmunder-Export-style Lager (5.3%)
  • Purist Pale Ale, a classic English-style Pale Ale (5.5%)
  • “Jolly Scot” Scottish Ale, rich and flavorful, with a beautiful amber color (5.9%)
  • Hoppy Trails India Pale Ale, a classic English-style IPA (6.2%)
  • Trail Blaze Brown Ale, a deep copper American-style Brown Ale (5.7%)
  • Susquehanna Stout, an an Irish…

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Beers I Used To Drink – Day Six



One night in my late 20s I got drunk at a party and made a promise to a friend of mine who played for the Port Kembla Blacks Aussie rules team.
I told him that, the following year, I would suit up and play for the Blacks too. And the bastard never let me forget that promise.

So about five months later I turned up at their home ground for the first training run. The first of what would be heaps and heaps of training runs. Because I ended up playing for the team for a decade – from 1998-2007.

I stopped playing for a couple of reasons – my wife and I were going to have a baby and I didn’t want to be away every Saturday playing footy. Also, as a fullback I realised I was often marking opponents who were literally half my age.

But the big…

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girl + winter beers

Ah winter, the time of year when beer geek conversation turns from aggressively hopped American pales to dark malty beasts with punchy roast and chocolate flavours.

The Food Alternative | Tuesday’s 6pm on RTRFM 92.1 Drivetime

Listen here to past segments

I was invited to Perth’s RTRFM radio station last night to chat about winter beers during the Drivetime segment called ‘The Food Alternative’. It’s a weekly segment every Tuesday at 6pm that explores Perth’s great food and beverage scene. I had an absolute blast chatting about beers with Drivetime hosts Simon and Anth. In the lead up* to last night I had naturally been thinking a LOT about winter beers.

*aka bundle of nerves at being on the radio

As much as the beer geek in me is screaming that stouts and porters are great drinking all year around not just winter, I cannot deny that my palate…

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Westbrook teases 2015 BA Mexican Cake

Drink. Blog. Repeat.


The 2014 edition of Westbrook‘s BA Mexican Cake hasn’t even been released yet, but the Mount Pleasant brewery is already hinting at what’s in store for the 2015 release.

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Macro versus Micro – How Beer is made in GIF’s

Beer & Whiskey Brothers


St. Louis Public Radio has put together an interesting set of animated GIFs that show side-by-side comparisons of Budweiser’s 15 million-barrels-per-year brewing operation and Perennial Artisan Ales’ much more hands-on setup.

You can see the whole thing in action here.

I had my beer snob hackles up a bit before I clicked the link, ready to sneer upon Bud’s weapons of mass production – I fully expected to root for Perennial’s hero brewers (who I correctly assumed would all be sporting luxurious facial hair) as they handcrafted their artisan ales.

But instead I came away impressed by the level of automation and scale that Bud has brought to the brewing process.  If only they played nicer in the marketplace (and brewed better beer).

My favorite image is probably the one at the end, which features an AB employee with a headlamp raking out large beechwood shavings in the bottom of…

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