Das Wunderkind is Da Goods


When you look at the label for the Saison Das Wunderkind from Jester King Brewing in Austin Texas you think, “Wow, that guy is in for a ride!” Little did you know that you would be in for the same ride when you drink this beer.


But20140625-135658-50218999.jpg unlike this baron of the air this slightly tart and ever so delicious tangerine Saison takes you up into the clouds with the smells of Belgium upon the nose. You almost wonder if this is what Foeders smell like all the time. And after liftoff the sip drifts you into an ecstasy that carries you off into citrus and sour clouds of supreme joy. A low level ABV helps you drift into the next sip and away you go into this belgian bliss of a beer.


Ive said it once, I ‘ll say it again, Jester king is making marvelously good beer. Want to go on an adventure crafted from the ore of the old world with new world joy? Drink Jester King.

Until next time friends, pour proper…





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