On the eve of Summer: Shandys and Radlers are calling, do you answer?

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Of all the styles of beer these guys seems to have the biggest polarity of opinions.  Some people love them, some hate them with a passion, some say they are not even beers.

Personally I am a fan of them for what they are,  light easy drinking beers perfect for a picnic or after working outside.  Lawn Mower beers for the most part.  Something you can pull out of the fridge and drink from the can or bottle and unwind.  Sure there are other beers that will fill this role, but these are just a few more choices for you.

Blends of juices or flavors running the gamut from lemons to oranges to grapefruits you do get a nice range of flavors depending on your mood or preferences.

A Leinenkugel Summer Shandy was the first non Macro beer that I gave my father that he actually liked.  In fact he actually asked for a glass…

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