Great Divide, Denver

alcohol by volume

Andrew selfieIt was time to get down to business – and who better to do that with than this nutty guy:

Andrew – homebrewer, beer lover, compost aficionado, novice couchsurfer, and passable chef. Totally willing impromptu beer tour guide.

Our first evening of exploration lived up to its promise. We went out on the north side of downtown, enjoying Great Divide and River North breweries and, despite the rain, managed to have a blast. Ok, no surprise there.

You guys. I don’t know about where you live, but  coming from Minnesota, having beer tanks outdoors is TOTALLY unheard of. So initially I was pretty shocked at the sight of giant stainless steel fermenters, naked and getting rained on. Evidently this is common in Colorado.WP_20140523_063

Created by Brian Dunn in 1994, Great Divide burst onto the scene by earning several major awards within three months of the brewery opening – winning one GABF…

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