Brew Dogs is a surprise


HT_brew_dogs_tk_13093_16x9_992Brew Dogs (2013)
Starring: Martin Dickie and James Watt

Okay, i really expected to dislike this series that features Martin and James from Brew Dog. That’s because while I like a lot of Brew Dog beers, I cannot fucking stand all the stupid wankery and pissfarting around they go on with.

Whether it’s the completely bogus “equity for punks” share sale or joining the argument for defining craft beer (their definition – surprise, surprise – included themselves even though they must be one of the biggest breweries in the UK these days) they do have a tendency to come across as quite wanky.

On top of that there’s their apparently never-ending obsession with referring to themselves as punks. Last time I checked the idea of being “punk” and running a company that makes shitloads of money aren’t really compatible concepts. And that’s leaving aside the fact that someone calling themselves…

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