Review: Sail & Anchor – The Bloke

250 Beers

I tend not to write many beer reviews these days. I seem to be busy tied up with other things in both my real job and my home life as well as other blog-related matters. However, if somebody goes out of their way to send me a free sample of a beer then I feel that it’s only fair for me to be openly honest about how I feel about it and spend some time airing my opinions about said beer. I’d actually written this piece a few weeks ago and forgot to publish it. I told you – I’ve been distracted…

What a strange name for a beer. In a male dominated beer industry I’m sure that it riled a very small minority of females. Whatever. I’m sure that wasn’t the intention. One would assume that a behemoth like Woolworths – the engine that drives Sail & Anchor –…

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