Chimay Spéciale Cent Cinquante

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Chimay 150 Sign2012 marked the 150th year of brewing for Chimay.  Founded in 1850 by monks from Westvleteren, the decision to brew as part of their livelihood was a momentous decision.  Chimay is now the largest of the Trappist breweries exporting beer throughout the world.  This allows them to employ a lot of people in the underemployed south of Belgium. It also lets them fund their many charities and works.

With 150 years of brewing under their belt, the monks decided a special one time release to celebrate the milestone was in order.  Spéciale Cent Cinquante, literally “Special 150,” was the result.  It’s the highest alcohol beer they’ve made to date.  It’s a strong blonde ale.  You could call it a pale Quad or a Belgian Strong Golden.  This was an extremely limited release and not a lot of it made it to the US, and none of it made it…

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