Queen City Jewels Part 3


Madtree. What a name. These guys are serious about beer.

Of all the beers that I tried, all of them were consisten with what I said about Robin Hood earlier. Their beers all stand out, and all hit the mark of classic beer. MadTree stands above all brewers because they just do a great job of making the regular genre’s stick out and warm your soul.


About the time that Cincinnati beer became a hobby of mine Madtree came on the scene. They were the first Cincinnati brewers to can their beer. I got a few of their beers and tried them. And without question these guys know what they are doing. Like Robin Hood they hit the mark when it comes to classic styles, but also like Robin Hood they also defy the status quo. For example Gnarly Brown is a typical brown ale, except for the face that they brewed it like a porter. So in this you get sweet, nutty, caramel goodness with the dark roast of port mixed in. Like great pour over coffee but only with beer.


So with that being said I had longed to go to the brewing and partake of a smattering of their beers. Finally my day had come. I arrived at the industrial complex in west Cincinnati and entered into the lair of Madtree. I could go on and on about this or that beer, but bottom line is that just as Beer Advocate stated that Cincinnati has become an underground beer destination in a previous article, so it should be because MadTree is there. Get there and enjoy it yourself.

Check their facebook for updates, food truck info, and new beers.


Next time we will be revealing the special beer that just “happened” to be in town for Proper Pour.

Until next time, pour proper my friends…

Friday 5 at 5: AC Beerfest Edition

Das Ale Haus

Big beer weekend in NJ, and I’m so ready for it. Cheers!

The Atlantic City Beerfest (and music festival featuring Saves the Day, Dirty Heads, and Less than Jake) is upon us once again, and this thing just keeps getting bigger and bigger . So big, in fact, that over at New Jersey’s own Beer-Stained Letter they put together this infographic to keep track of it all. Check it out:

2014 AC Beerfest– Forgotten Boardwalk named their head brewer, David Bronstein most recently of Sly Fox. I gotta get me one of their keys this weekend!

– New Jersey Craft Beer will be hosting a seminar during each AC Beerfest session, so check them and their NJ collab beer out.

– Want to know who’ll be at this year’s beerfest? Check out the list here and download the app from Google Play or iTunes store for on the go use.


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Beer – #337 – Panhead – Trekken

A life just as ordinary

I ease myself into the Saturday evening with this a Panhead – Trekken- a Saisonbeer.

Brewed by Panhead Custom Ales , this one in the Style of a  Saison and they’re in Upper Hutt, New Zealand

Selfie Selfie

Fruity, sweet nose with hay and grassy hints. Fabulously bitter with a nice banana malt finish

This is a new-world approach to the Saison style, throwing in hops like Citra and Sorachi Ace and others.

A 500ml bottle of a 6% ABV beer, 180 calories a serving (240-ish for the bottle),  and this is 2.37 standard drink units in NZ.

Worse thing about this beer, the dark text on dark background making it almost unreadable.

Panhead - Trekken1Real grassy hop aroma on opening, as it does with a firm hiss. Very lively in the glass, golden pour with a reasonable and persistent head.

Unusual palate this, the familiar musty dusty saison style, but…

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Battuto Continues Month Long Celebration With Guest Chef Andre Natera


DSC01195 by Steven Doyle

Last night we helped celebrate a few things. The first was the one year anniversary for Battuto Italian Kitchen in Far North Dallas. The fantastic Italian restaurant is owned and operated by Gene and Julie Gates who have this amazing attention to detail and love for great food. The  restaurant is truly a family affair, and we wish them all the luck in the world as they venture forward with their beautiful restaurant.

Last evening was also bitter sweet in the fact that to celebrate the anniversary, the Gates have been bringing in cheffy friends of theirs including Scott Romano (last week), Kent Rathbun and Richard Chamberlain (April 16) and Andre Natera who served as house chef last night. That was sweet; the bitter was the fact that it was the last meal Natera will cook in Dallas, for the time being. Natera is packing up the…

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Once Again, Beer is Here to Save Us All

Little Utopia

No matter how many magical things beer does, it never ceases to amaze me.

In the past, it has saved our country from complete embarrassment by allowing our degenerate gambler of a president to pay back his debts. Whoa! Relax, NSA. It was just a joke. Why are your hands so cold?

In the future, it will help us recover from extreme physical exertion by becoming a sports drink. (Listen, Canada. I know we make a lot of jokes at your expense here, but I think I speak for all of us in the U.S. when I say thank you for making that happen. We will chill out with the Rob Ford jokes starting now.)

Rob Ford

Damn. I meant starting now. Sorry, Canada. That’s on me.

But oh yeah, beer. Beer isn’t just satisfied with getting shit done in the past and future. Oh no. Beer is working on…

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Queen City Jewels Part 2


Surprising? Yes. Beautiful? Yes. Good beer? Yes. That is how Cincinnati rolls.

After a surprising visit to Rhinegeist we are off in search of Sour Beer and headed over to Rivertown brewing.

Rivertown is more like a California brewery in that it is found in an industrial section in a warehouse. Except when you roll up and there are BBQ cooks out front cooking Mets (a Cincinnati only sausage) and ribs out front.

Rivertown has 5 Sour Beers that they highlight, one of which we were able to try. Their Sour Cherry Porter is not to be missed. This beer, although lacking when compared to Tart of Darkness, is well on its way to becoming a dark horse contender for that general category. Very vinegary nose, sour taste, and deep cherry notes throughout the entirety of the beer.

Rivertown also has other incredible other beers that have for a long time been the standard such as Hop Baron and Hop Bomber their IPA and Rye IPA.

Keep your eye out for their new sours, I know I am!

Until next time, pour proper my friends…

Queen City Jewels Part 1


This last weekend Mrs. Proper Pour and I decided to visit some of our best friends that live and reside in the Queen City, Cincinnati that is. On our list of things to do, besides enjoy our friends company, was to hit up as many of the breweries in the area as possible.

One historical fact of note should be that Cincinnati is a drinking town! The German immigrants that founded the city brought their heritage of beer with them when they came to the new world. Moerleins Brewing mainly represents this. On top of this Cincinnati was recently featured in Beer Advocate Magazine for a new and upcoming place to visit for craft beer. And they could not have been more correct. Between Rivertown, Madtree, Rhinegeist, and Ei8ht Ball Brewing this town screams of great beer, better food, and friendly people.


After a quick browse through Findlay Market in the Over the Rhine section of Cincinnati we walked over to Rhinegeist Brewing for a beer or two. Not thinking much of the midwest in general, my mistake, I was not expecting much from Rhinegeist. That was my first mistake on this trip. This brewery, situated in the heart of the old meatpacking district is in the old building originally inhabited by Moerleins Brewing. Walk in and a generous space opens up before you with friend reclaimed wood benches and a small bar hosting all their beers. And they not only host their beers but also those of other craft brewers, a generous and applauded move.


Now to the beer. Rhinegeist quickly and sufficiently supplied our pallates with an array of classic craft beers. The Truth, their IPA, stung sharp and true like a proper west coast IPA. Panther, their porter, was smooth and dark with just enough carbonation. And of a last note Mastadon, the Belgian Dark, was a sweetly caramel awesomeness.

Stay tuned for Mad Tree, Rivertown, and the great surprise!

Until next time, pour proper my friends…