Bible Belt Release Party at Torst

By: Eric Sturniolo

Here in New York City, we’re not so familiar with Prairie Artisan Ales (Tulsa, Oklahoma). I made sure to head to Torst for the release party of their collaboration beer with Evil Twin called Bible Belt, and luckily they had lots of other Prairie stuff on tap.

tap list tap list

Since Bible Belt is a combination of Prairie’s Bomb! and Evil Twin’s Even More Jesus, I decided to start with a Bomb! for a taste by itself. This is a huge beer…an Imperial Stout (learn more here) coming in at 14%. You can clearly taste everything it’s brewed with: coffee, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and ancho chili peppers. The best aspect of this beer is the chili. I’m not a spicy food (or beer) fan, but it was perfectly subtle, leaving a slight burn on the roof of your mouth after each sip. A great complement to…

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Zombie Beer-ocalypse

Bitch Beer

Dock Street Brewing// Facebook Dock Street Brewing// Facebook

Pennsylvania’s Dock Street Brewing Co. has announced that they will be releasing “Walker” an American Pale Stout brewed with smoked goat brains. Yes. You read correctly, they are brewing a beer with brains as a tribute to their love of the Walking Dead. The brew also contains cranberries to give it a blood red hue and round out the brain drinking experience. The cranberries add the slight tartness needed to balance out this “smart brew.” The beer release will coincide with the season finale of Walking Dead which will be played at the brewery. If you are in the area this Sunday check out the launch details below. The rest of us will just have to wait with baited breath for the beer ratings to roll in.

Dock Street Brewing
Sunday March 30th



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