Review: Square Nail Pale Ale

Brew Brahs

Brewer : The Publican House
Brewed in : Peterborough, ON
Percentage : 5.6%
FoundThe Publican House

There are certain Canadian towns that I’ve always thought deserved a local brewery and have only recently begun to fill that gap in their communities. For instance Kitchener is drinking on the neighbours tab; Kingston is (finally) getting theirs; Sudbury has the new Stack Brewing and Peterborough has The Publican House. Little did I know, that this brewery has been there for years!


Square Nail Pale Ale is named for the old style square-cut nail that still hold many of the heritage buildings together in the city. My initial Google search also indicated that it is a popular style of ladies’ manicure; probably unrelated. The brew, pours clear and golden with a white head that surges and fades quickly. A caramel-malt nose finishes with a crisp and…

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