Mendocino Brewing Company Peregrine Pilsner

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I like Pilsners. While IPAs and pale ales are always great for drinking on nice warm days (or in my case any day), Pilsners are usually the go-to refreshing style of beers. Originating in the Czech town of Plzen, this very European style is not often seen in your average craft brewery. The style has been imitated by every American adjunct lager so it makes sense that a craft brewer would want to avoid making something that might taste like Miller or Stella. The thing is though making a good and consistent lager like a Pilsner is rather difficult and requires very specific ingredients and brewing.

Mendocino Brewing Company (the Red Tail Ale guys) have their own Pilsner I received as part of a mix pack. I normally do not jump for lighter brews in the winter months but hey- San Diego decided to skip winter so I felt to…

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