Tasting Notes: Jennings: Bitter: Lakeland Ale

Alcohol And Aphorisms

Jennings Bitter

Jennings: Bitter: Lakeland Ale (England: Bitter: 3.5% ABV)

Visual: Chestnut red. Small amount of carbonation. Off white tight bubbled froth head.

Nose: Musty. Mothballs. Crushed peanuts. Malt chocolate. Light orange. Slight wine fruitcake.

Body: Chestnut. Light acidic apple tang. Earthy hops. Slightly chalky. Slight orange zest.

Finish: Apples. Earthy hop bitterness. Malt chocolate. Malt vinegar. Chalky. Carrot cake,

Conclusion: Hmm, in these days of ultra refined smooth edged beers, where even uber hopped beers go down far too easily, you have to respect a beer that keeps that old British style of rough edges. Whether you enjoy it or not is a different question, so shall I examine that one?

It has a rough earthy hop character, a chalky bite and a very slight acidic back. They are all coarse elements, a very village pub style pint that brings massive beards and smoke stained walls to mind. That as it…

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