Crave Chocolatier Shares Valentine’s Beer Pairings

Bitch Beer

-1 Krystal Craig Founded Crave Artisan Chocolate in 2012

It’s T minus 24 hours ’til Valentine’s Day, and if you’re like the authors of this blog, we’re guessing whether you’re single or paired off, beer is going to be on your Friday agenda. Luckily, you don’t have to formally observe this holiday to share in the fun of pairing craft beer with Valentine’s most ubiquitous treat–chocolate.

To get an expert opinion on the subject, we asked our friend, Crave Artisan Chocolate Owner/Chocolatier Krystal Craig to share some pairings that are sure to please sweet tooths and hop heads alike.

“I always liked beer, but I was never “into” beer until I started participating in chocolate and beer pairings,” Craig said. “After the challenge of getting to try a wide array of different brands, types, and flavors and having to pair them with chocolates to suit each one, I really…

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