Drunken Speculation

384px-SEQ-councilsIn what will be a recurring theme this and next week, I’m going to look for the most suitable beer for life in south-east Queensland. The beer I’m looking for has to be locally made, refreshing and relevant to the Sunshine State.

My reasons for doing this are as indubitable as they are extant (my thesaurus is broken).

Firstly, in 2013, ammo and I wrote about many beers from Victoria and NSW with too few – and not the best ones at that – from Queensland breweries. Given the recent growth in the local beer scene, I’d like to correct that. (I would include the whole state but I rarely leave the south-east corner)

Secondly, I wanted to create a semi-historical record of the local brewing industry in 2014, which can be updated as more beers and breweries come online, separate from our more formal review process.

Finally, it’s summer…

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