New Years’ Revolution

Hops Spring Eternal

As the new year dawns, we tend to think about ways we can improve ourselves, either by exercise, or eating better, or some other such nonsense. I say, “screw that!” Let’s turn the world upside down with some revolutionary thinking! What kind of thinking? The absolutely genius kind, of course.

To that end, I have two pretty genius ideas that I’m willing to share with you. Know that by continuing to read, you acknowledge that the ideas contained herein are my intellectual property, and, at the very least, you should acknowledge my awesomeness when you steal adapt my ideas for your personal gain.

Ready? OK. My first idea is:


Do you hate going to the laundromat? I sure do. You sit and wait, often for hours on end, listening to the screaming kids, the thwopping noise coming from the dryer, and oh my God is that some random pair…

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