Curve Your Life Path for Cuvee Des Jacobins


This now will be the third advent of heaven upon my lips with Cuvee Des Jacobins visiting me. This beer, as for sour beer, is the best on the market. It does not get better than this sour ale. With sweet strawberry and cherry notes this sour ale will grind your stomach into submission and leave you dead on the floor wanting more. Those monks in belgium sure know what they are doing when it comes to great beer. And if I have not already mentioned this, sour ales are the pill to be swallowed for wine drinkers to enter into the craft beer world. Love this beer…beg, borrow, and steal for it!

Until next time, Pour Proper my friends….

The beer fridge was empty

A life just as ordinary

So I went and had a quick shopping trip

New Beer

As well as a growler/bomber of Liberty Brewing Oh Brother Pale Ale I have;

  • Stone  – Subliminally Self Righteous Ale
  • DogFish Head – Palo Santo Marron
  • Coronado – Anniversary Ale
  • Trappistes Rochefort 8
  • Trappistes Rochefort 10
  • Yeastie Boys – Gunnamatta Tea Leaf IPA
  • Yeastie Boys – His Majesty 2013
  • Yeastie Boys – Her Majesty 2013
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Drunken Speculation

384px-SEQ-councilsIn what will be a recurring theme this and next week, I’m going to look for the most suitable beer for life in south-east Queensland. The beer I’m looking for has to be locally made, refreshing and relevant to the Sunshine State.

My reasons for doing this are as indubitable as they are extant (my thesaurus is broken).

Firstly, in 2013, ammo and I wrote about many beers from Victoria and NSW with too few – and not the best ones at that – from Queensland breweries. Given the recent growth in the local beer scene, I’d like to correct that. (I would include the whole state but I rarely leave the south-east corner)

Secondly, I wanted to create a semi-historical record of the local brewing industry in 2014, which can be updated as more beers and breweries come online, separate from our more formal review process.

Finally, it’s summer…

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Getting Suckered into No-Drink January

Beer & Whiskey Brothers


I’m a lemming, a sheep.  Forty plus years, and I’m still as impressionable as that ten-year old kid who loved to ride his red Baja bike around the town square of Fairfield, Iowa.  I, for lack of a better term, am a weak-minded dimwit.

Why?  Because I’ve chosen not to drink this month after reading this stupid blog post by Ken Layne over on Gawker.

It wasn’t so much Layne’s words that moved me to action (although his tale of passing up the Firestone Walker tasting room did make me well up a little), nor was it the tales of alcoholism and personal struggles in the comments below the article.

No, it’s mainly because I’m fat.  As I told my wife the other day, if I don’t lose some weight, I’m going to have to start fending off a new group of female admirers – chubby chasers! 

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New Years’ Revolution

Hops Spring Eternal

As the new year dawns, we tend to think about ways we can improve ourselves, either by exercise, or eating better, or some other such nonsense. I say, “screw that!” Let’s turn the world upside down with some revolutionary thinking! What kind of thinking? The absolutely genius kind, of course.

To that end, I have two pretty genius ideas that I’m willing to share with you. Know that by continuing to read, you acknowledge that the ideas contained herein are my intellectual property, and, at the very least, you should acknowledge my awesomeness when you steal adapt my ideas for your personal gain.

Ready? OK. My first idea is:


Do you hate going to the laundromat? I sure do. You sit and wait, often for hours on end, listening to the screaming kids, the thwopping noise coming from the dryer, and oh my God is that some random pair…

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