Cigar City Hunahpu’s Day 2014

Beer Served Rare

Cigar-City-Hunahpus-2014Save the date. The next Cigar City Hunahpu’s Day is slated for Saturday, March 8, 2014. All details are still pending but you’ll be able to find everything right here once it becomes available.

Commercial description:

In Mayan mythology, Hun Hunahpu was the father of the Mayan hero twins Hunahpu and Xbalanque. Hun Hunahpu, along with his brother Vucub Hunahpu was tricked by the Dark Lords of the underworld and slain. Hun Hunahpu’s corpse morphed into a cacao tree, his head becoming a cacao pod, which in typically awesome mythology fashion, spit upon the hand of a young maiden named Xiquic who promptly became pregnant with the hero twins. The twins would ultimately grow up to avenge their father and uncle and defeat the Dark Lords and ascend the heavens to become the moon and sun.

Hunahpu’s is an imperial stout aged on cacao nibs, ancho and pasilla chiles, cinnamon…

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Charleville Box of Chocolate Bottles Now Available

Beer Served Rare

Charleville-Box-of-ChocolateChances are you might have heard of Charleville Brewing Co., and chances are better still it’s because of their most sought-after seasonal, Box of Chocolate. This Belgian-style quad is brewed with copious amounts of chocolate, coming in at 10.5% ABV.

22oz bottles of Box of Chocolate are available at the brewery beginning today, with distro and draft coming to the area around the first week of January.

Charleville Brewing Co. is located at 16937 Boyd Rd. in Sainte Genevieve. Check them out here.

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American Standard Ale – Tap It Brewing Co (December 22nd, 2013)

Mike's Craft Beer

From Tap It Brewing Co out of San Luis Obispo California comes their “American Standard Ale”. This American Session Pale Ale pours a golden colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of malts, citrus, earthy and a pine finish.  The flavour is of pine, minor hops bitterness, and some caramel with a grapefruit or tangerine finish.  The alcohol content comes in at 5%.  This is a tasty pale ale and I look forward to future chances to try out other Tap It beers.

Commercial Description:  American Standard is an all-American Session Pale Ale, hand crafted using premium American ingredients. This beer displays a bright hop flavor and aroma, yet very little bitterness. To achieve this flavor profile, we used no bittering hops. Instead we emphasized the hop character with a first wort addition, then twenty minute and whirlpool additions. Each of these processes adds flavor, while yielding minimal bitterness…

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The New Yorker magazine publishes interactive craft beer growth map

The Jax Beer Guy

newyorkerEveryone who reads this blog is aware of the extraordinary growth of the craft beer industry over the past 10 years. To illustrate the explosive character of this growth, The New Yorker magazine has published an interactive online map that brings this phenomenon into focus.

The map uses data gathered by the Brewers Association in 2012 and was released recently. The map shows that Florida ranks around the middle of the pack for total number of breweries, but in the upper range for total output. It also shows that in 2013 Florida saw 10 new breweries open, adding to the output and variety available to residents of our state.

Another exciting tidbit the map points out is that Cigar City Brewing Company in Tampa is considered one of the fastest growing breweries in the country with 77% growth in production in 2012 over 2011. Cigar City is ranked 17th

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A Good Pour And A Bad Pour

Eric:  Can you guess which is which?

Start with a good glass.  Clean it so it will have nice lacing.  Hold the glass at a 45 degree angle and pour.  Halfway through, hold the glass upright and pour the rest right into the middle.  This was Dog Fish Head My Antonia, an imperial lager.  It was mistakenly aged for a year and was surprisingly awesome.  Apparently you can age lagers?

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Lunch For Lunch

Eric:  I love Maine Beer Company.  Their IPA Lunch is one of my favorite IPAs (and favorite beer) of all time.  Finally, I had it on tap at Pony Bar -UES.


I taste orange, citrus, and pine.  It’s more bitter and not as juicy as Heady Topper or Jai Alai.  If you’re in NYC today (12/28), go to Pony Bar,  it’s still on tap!  Be like us and get a glass or three.  Or four.


Pony Bar -Upper East Side (1444 1st Ave. at 75th St. New York, NY 10036 (212) 288-0090

Maine Beer Company (525 US Route 1, Freeport, Maine 04032 (207) 221-5711

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Tasting Notes: Homemade Kinkanshuu: Made March 2002

Alcohol And Aphorisms


Homemade Kinkanshuu: Made March 2002 (Japan: Kinkanshuu: ABV No Idea)

Visual: Apricot. Very viscous.

Nose: Lime. Thick, pungent and slightly musky. Key lime. Almond. Lemon sorbet. Bitter almond.

Body: Menthol. Apricot and almond. Very thick syrup. Candy floss. Golden syrup. Lemon.

Finish: Candy floss. Blood orange and apricot. Light lime.

Conclusion: What a difference the choice of fruit makes. From what I know this is made on the same recipe as the umeshuu, and this is still syrupy and thick; this, however has a much bigger contrast between the elements within.

There is lots of citrus lime to give a tart touch, and odder still there is a fresh menthol feel that pretty much completely changes the experience. While the sweetness here is actually probably bigger and more candy floss like than in the umeshuu, the extreme contrast between the two elements actually means that it is actually easier…

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Bluejacket (Winter 2013-14 DC Brew Tour)

Boa Beer Blog

My last few blog posts have focused on the winter mix-packs that I’ve been sampling, but my winter beer-drinking has not been confined to bottles. I’ve also enjoyed a lot of great draft beer at my local brewpubs and beer bars. Here’s part 2 of my Winter 2013-14 DC Brew Tour:

Part 2:Bluejacket, Washington, D.C.

When Visited: December 13, 2013

Occasion: My birthday! I’ve been anticipating a visit to Bluejacket for a looong time. But the trek from Kensington required a special occasion, and I could think of none better than celebrating my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!

Beers Sampled: As we sat down for dinner at the Arsenal, Bluejacket’s restaurant, I was overwhelmed by the beer menu. There were 25 house beers to choose from  –- 20 on tap and 5 on cask. The illuminated beer menu:

Bluejacket Beer Menu

I was glad to see that they offered four-ounce pours…

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