November Beer Pairing Class at 121 Tapas on the Water

Beer Ambassador, LLC

**Be sure to mark your calendars for the inaugural Beer Pairing Class on November 30th at 6pm at 121 Tapas on the Water! Your Beer Ambassadors are very excited to be teaming up with Livia, Jessica, and staff at 121 Tapas to share our passion for great beer and great food by pairing 5 artisanal beers (Bells Amber Ale, Crispin Honey Crisp Cider, Goose Island Sofie, Brooklyn Local 1, and Brooklyn Local 2) with 5 delicious culinary creations. Together we will embark on a craft beer journey to explore and discuss brewery, origin, style, appearance, nose, flavor, and finish while discussing how well said beer pairs with its dish, other potential pairings, and your overall impression. Seats are $29 each and very limited so don’t wait to RSVP your spot at the inaugural Beer Pairing Class! Please contact 121 Tapas at 772-781-0943 and we will see you there!!**

Beer Pairing Class Flyer Y1.1

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