Bacchus Beer Bloggers Series / NOvemBEER’s second joker played

250 Beers

Well, the cat has well and truly been let out of the bag. Meow.

I’d hinted towards something being afoot back in September when a number of Brisbane-based bloggers gathered at Tippler’s Tap for a secret meeting. One other notable attendee was Ross Kenrick (and Josh Kenrick too come to think of it) from Bacchus Brewing Co.

The meeting was no accident. We were scripting ideas for a collaborative series of beers involving us and, of course, Bacchus. During the time between that milestone meeting and the brew day we’d all submitted our ideas to Ross for him to work on the recipes. My concept involved a big IPA with theoretical IBUs of 250 (of course!).

The set of six beers would ultimately become the Bacchus Beer Bloggers Series.

Brew day was Tuesday 5th November when we all converged at the Capalaba brewery for a 9am start mash-in. I’d…

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